Thursday, January 1, 2009

This Christmas we made snowmen out of sand!

This year Cody and I chose to go to Ohio for Thanksgiving and Florida for Christmas day--so, we packed up and headed south to the Sunshine State and it sure lived up to its name!

Sunday afternoon, on the plane and ready for vacation!!
Our Christmas present from my parents this year was a King Size mattress and bed--so Monday morning we set out on our bed-hunting adventure! It was quite the task, seeing that we were shopping in FL for a bed that needed to be delivered to Blacksburg, Virginia--this is mom and I gearing up for the long day of shopping!

First stop, ROOMS TO GO
Dad found a comfy spot to watch as we spent his money
Mom found a new chair she wanted---sadly, we had no luck at rooms to go...maybe later in the week!

The next few days we relaxed, went shopping and ate--it was a wonderful vacation!! The the festivities began.

We started Christmas Eve off at my home church, McGregor Baptist's Candlelight Service
neat drama 

Kayla singing and sounding amazing!

then my favorite part began...
it was so gorgeous with all the lights turned down and everyone's candle lit!
We all stood up and sang JOY TO THE WORLD! It reminded me of how even when I feel it's just me and Cody as the only Christians in the world--there are hundreds and millions of believers across America and the World, and we ALL need to be encouraged that we are ONE body joined together!
Cody and I with our niece, Jordan, after the service
View from the balcony--i miss my home church, it was so good to be there with my honey!

After church we made a last minute stop to see my grandpa Charlie and some family--we stayed for a bit then came to our Annual Christmas Eve tradition--party at the Propp's!!

The Propp family have been friends of my family for over 20 years now (HOLY COW!) We met as neighborhood friends and our parents new each other and we hit it off--today our parents are best friends and I even ended up marrying a man that looks like my old pal Ramsey Propp!!

This is Tara Propp (now Morris)--we've been friends for 20 years!!!
Mr. Propp, my second dad!!

My brother and Sister-in-law at the Propp's Christmas Eve party
The oldest Propp kid, Ryan, has a son and his name is Cody, as well---these are the two cody's and they finally got to meet!!
One of my oldest family friends, Ramsey Propp, on the right and my honey!! They stood next to each other for the first time on Christmas Eve and we all noticed how similar they really looked!! How funny!!

Well, that was the beginning of our Christmas break and a snapshot into the Holidays--more to come!!! Christmas day in FL and finally our Snowy White Christmas in Ohio!!

Hope all of you had a wonderful and blessed Christmas, truly celebrating Christ's birth as the main reason for Christmas--we have so many things to be thankful for, we are so blessed!

Love and Blessings, 
Cody & LaRae

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