Friday, January 16, 2009

The Christmas we saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra

After we celebrated Christmas in FL--we headed North for the winter! Ohio here we come!

This was our first Sunday at a church besides our own--it was so nice to just be a church member and not have to do ANYTHING!!

This is after the service--we hadn't had a picture with just us three in a while!

Later that afternoon we were so enticed by the Davenport's cute tree they let us each open up one gift!

Cody got this great Study Bible he's been wanting--ESV Study Bible

I got a sterling silver ring engraved with my new monogram!

A few days later, we had lunch at The Barn with Ash, Matt and us!

Cody enjoying the decorations

More pictures to come!

Love ya,

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CupCakeCutie said...

Yup! We are expecting number two. So excited. We are both hoping this one is a boy but we won't find out until March. How are you doing?