Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The First Christmas present(s)...a la Polar Express

Since Cody and I are flying to FL this Christmas, we had Christmas a bit early with just the two of us (oh how I love these times!)

We had a nice Christmas dinner (I even busted out the china and crystal!) and then we took some pictures and started opening presents! It was a perfect evening...here's a few moments from the night.

I wrapped his iPad in the huge box that our kitchen trashcan came in....the whole week he kept saying that I bought him a tricycle because the box was so huge!

a trashcan?? he was quite confused at this point...


Best progression of pictures ever!!


A UM hoodie I really wanted! Cody said "Of course I'm going to buy you a hoodie!!"....Carolyn and Jeff Noble will appreciate that comment :)

stockings :)

He was so happy!

my mac man :)

We had such an awesome Christmas together--can't wait to spend it with our families! Hope each one of you have an amazing and joy-filled Christmas. Remembering the true and sole reason we celebrate. The birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, the most incredible blessing and gift that Cody and I could have ever asked for. We pray you have His gift of grace, love, peace and joy in your life today! We love you!

In Christ's Love,
Cody & LaRae Davenport

November Fun

Well, it's been a while! I'd say the majority of November was consumed with me being sick...no fun!

But, in the meantime of being sick, we did do A LOT!

First up, we traded in the Jeep and bought a new car for Cody. We're pumped to be getting better gas mileage :)

Next, we headed North to Ohio for Chad and Heidi Elser's wedding! We had a great time with Cody's family and seeing the newlyweds! Cody, also, got to sing at their wedding...he did AMAZING (as always!)

Then, a few weeks later, we headed BACK to Ohio for Thanksgiving! We had a great time with Cody's family and it was such a relaxing trip!

We went to the good ole' Wooster Movie Theatre :)

One day we headed up to Cleveland to the Market--this place was amazing!!

Then, we headed to the Great Lakes Brewery for lunch---oh.my.gosh. DELICIOUS!!

Robin likes my 'stance', so I was teaching her how to do it!

The next day all of Cody's family came to his parents house and we had a great dinner! Afterward, we all got a family portrait...that was a doosey!

Hopefully everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving....can't wait for Christmas in FLORIDA!!!