Wednesday, September 15, 2010

There's always NEXT year...

Well, I'm sure by now you know...the score was 36-24, Ohio State. BUT, it was an awesome game...and we had so much fun! Honestly, it was one of the best weekends I've had in such a long time! Here's the breakdown...

We got in Thursday night and hung out at the hotel; joking, laughing and trash-talking!

Decorated Hotel Door

Well, Friday morning, we woke up and had our Family Weight-Loss Challenge Weigh-In!! A little backstory...the 6 of us (us, cody's parents, my parents) all started this weight loss challenge back in May...we were supposed to weigh in after Josh & Kelsie's wedding, but that didn't go so well...SOO, we moved it back to September! So, the day was finally upon us...the big weigh-in!

I won't divulge the exact weights, but we didn't win....nor did we lose!

1. Cody's Parents (lost 16%)
2. Us (5.27%)
3. My Parents (5.22%)

I was quite proud and least we didn't get last! hahah (sorry Mom and Dad) So, to spur us on, we have renewed the bet and we'll be weighing in again the Wednesday morning before Thanksgiving. We're headed to Ohio this year for turkey day, so we'll skype my parents in for the weigh-in!

Ok, enough about that...later Friday morning we headed out to do some shopping (pictures below) We headed to Polaris and Easton---it was so fun to finally have good shopping! We had such a great was fun to just hang out with my mom and get some new goodies :)

The 6 of us at lunch

My mom is so cute!

Mark & Me

My silly husband!

Enjoying the shopping experience :)

After Friday's entire day of shopping, we had dinner at McCormick & Schmick's (delish!!) and headed home to relax! Saturday morning, we headed over to a friend's house, Isaac Alwine, and had a little tailgate!

My cutie pie mother in law

Gameday tailgate!

Ready for the excitement!

In front of the "shoe"!

Hilarious sign we saw in the tailgate parking lot

The Horseshoe

Coach Jim Tressel leading in the Ohio State football players

Old man doing the O-H-I-O

Dotting of the i

Gametime---we had awesome seats!

Final score :(

Sunday morning we headed to Cody's brother's church, Covenant. Cody lead worship that morning and it was such an incredible service! It was fun to see God working through Travis and how their church is growing!

Then lunch with the fam and we headed back to Wooster....WAYNE COUNTY FAIR TIME!!

Cody and 'Stel

Noah and his friend, Gavin

The family

Cody and his mama

A lady seriously had a chicken on a leash....

Us :)

Some favorites from the fair!

Fair lemonade is my absolute favorite!

Then the ultimate...Lerch's donuts!!

We had such a great time! I'm so happy we were able to enjoy this with both of our parents...we had such a great time...we're blessed beyond belief! LOVE YOU ALL!!

Can't wait until NEXT YEAR...Ohio State comes to MIAMI!!

~Cody & LaRae

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Columbus Bound...aka Revenge is sweet!


Well, some may know this, but for the unknowing reader, my husband and I have a little unfinished business. You see, before we even met one another, our fates collided at the Fiesta Bowl. That's right, our two teams University of Miami and Ohio State played one another in the 2002 NCAA National Championship game in Tempe, Arizona. I remember it like it was yesterday (it was my freshman year at UM and I was bleeding orange and green like WHOA!) My family was on vacation in Colorado and we watched the game there (needless to say, I was a tad upset I had to forgo my game tickets for the family vacay...but oh well)....and it was there, in Steamboat, Colorado that I vowed I would never befriend a Buckeye after they stole our Nat'l Championship! Well folks, never say never...cause I married one!

Well, my family has waited a good long while for this day and September 11th will be our day of revenge :)

So, we each bought our tickets (his parents, my parents, Cody and I) and are headed to Columbus for the rematch of our LIVES (enter dramatic music!)

I can't wait--it's only about a week and a half away and we are getting SO excited!! (I'm browsing Miami apparel online as I type haha)

I'll be back with pictures and more importantly, THE SCORE!!


until next time,