Friday, May 28, 2010

Garage Sale-in' it Up!!

Some great aspects of living in an HOA (Home-Owners Association):

1. Someone else cutting your grass and trimming your bushes
2. Immediate snow removal (I would have given my limbs this winter for this sweet amenity!)
3. They pressure wash, stain and clean the outside of your house and porch

and last must surely NOT least.....


This weekend, our HOA is having a community garage sale! They have taken out a few ads in local papers and done all the publicity for it--it'll be our first one since moving in, so I'm super excited!! I hope we make tons!! (is that bad??? haha) --one man's trash is another man's....well, I would say trash, but the saying goes....treasure! And if buying my old microwave from college makes another person feel they have found treasure, then by all means I can't take that away from them!!

Anywho, WISH US LUCK!!! I'll let you know how it goes!!


Love ya,
The D's

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Favorites


{2 posts in 1 day....I'm sure this is some kind of blogging cardinal sin, but I just had to share}

*Life Beautiful Magazine* -- My friend Megan introduced me to this fabulous magazine! It's basically a Christian Real Simple (which if you have known me for even 30 seconds, you know is my absolute favorite magazine!) I know this may sound mean/bad, but what I'm most impressed with is the relevance, professionalism and 'goodness' of it. Typically most things that are "Christian" made or produced specifically for the "christian bubble" are, well, bad. And I realize it's not always the talent that is behind it, but usually the it makes sense. BUT, this is not the case! This is a great magazine and I'm loving it!! Only pitfall, it comes out 4 times a year :( -- get a subscription and maybe they will increase to 12!!
{Can typically be found at Wal-Mart or the "spiritual" section of magazines in Barnes and Noble}

*Print Cardigans* - As the heat waves become more and more frequent, I've been scouring my closet for some print cardy's! I have a whole slew of the solid color ones, but I'm realizing...I'd like some prints! I haven't found too many, but I'm loving the one below from Target!

Reminds me of the ocean and a fantastic clambake!

*Event Planning* - It's no secret that the majority of Cody and I's vacations this summer will be dual's wedding season and it's on with a vengeance! But, we are loving every second of it and I'm so happy to be helping with some of the planning. In particular, Cody's best friend Josh is getting married this summer to Kelsie! Josh's mom has asked me to help plan the rehearsal dinner. When Linda, Josh's mom, asked me for help, I gave her a resounding YES and my mind started buzzing!! They are having a casual BBQ type of event, but want to make it as cute as can be! She gave me some key words like: mason jars, no electricity and color! SO, needless to say, some creativity will be in store :)

Josh and Kelsie came over for a night and Kelsie and I brainstormed some ideas--here are some pictures we are using for inspiration...I can't wait to show you the finished product, it'll be GORGEOUS!!

--In addition to all the wedding/baby/bridal shower stuff--I'm planning our 2nd annual Women's Ministry Retreat!! We haven't settled on an official date, but this year I put together a team of ladies to help with all the details. Our theme is "Sweet"--- and our verse is Psalm 34:8 "O, Taste and see that the Lord is good. Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!" It's going to be fun and bright and full of SWEETS AND DESSERTS!! (So, basically heaven on earth for me!) Here are some pictures I've found for decor inspiration!

*Grilling* - This summer I can not wait to utilize our new back patio and have some great friends over for summer food and fun! I recently bought this fun 'grill it' cookbook from Pampered Chef (also, an absolute favorite of mine!) It has so many delicious recipes--I can't wait for Cody and I to try with some friends!! Get yourself a copy here ASAP!

*Decorating* - Oh my goodness, I can not wait for the time to actually get to start decorating more of our house!! Pier One, Crate & Barrel, Ballard Designs and so many other stores have some of the greatest pieces for such fun inspiration, for the summer!! I'm focusing more towards our back patios and our 2nd guest bedroom....any suggestions?

I'm loving this outdoor chair--the orange and brown are still bright enough for the summer, but will flow great into the fall as we pull out the fire pit!

This just looks so cozy for a guest bedroom!

*The Bachelorette* - Yes, yes, I know the groans are happening all across the blogging world, but this one I'm particularly interested in because Ally from last season's Bachelor is now the Bachelorette! And, let's be serious, I think the Bachelorette seasons are SO much more interesting than the "boy" ones! I'll have to warn Cody to make room on the DVR every Monday night :) Plus, she's a doll and a blonde...I have to support :)

"Looking for God" by Nancy Ortberg

Over the past few months, Carolyn (our pastor's wife) and, I have been reading through this book, Looking for God: An Unexpected Journey Through Tattoos, Tofu & Pronouns. Sadly, our schedules got the best of us and we couldn't finish meeting. But, I had to finish reading this book (sorry Carolyn for going on without you)!! I initially was intrigued with the book for 2 reasons, 1. I loved the name and a book referencing tofu and tattoo's has my immediate attention! 2. Her husband is an incredible author; thus, my hope was some of his writing abilities rubbed off on her via osmosis or something!

This book did not disappoint! It's an incredibly easy read and keeps your attention throughout its entirety. My favorite part is that she has this uncanny ability to make you laugh, cry and motivate the hades out of you (quite literally), all in the same sentence!

The Lord truly used this book to motivate me to do something beyond myself and to stop putting Him in a box, live an ABUNDANT life and stop settling for the status quo in life and with my relationship with Christ. I can't wait to see how God will continually use Nancy's words in my life, but I know it will be perfectly fit for me!

I probably should've known this book would help me "look for God", but in all reality, I felt I had already found him and when I initially started reading, was hoping for a deeper notion than just "looking for God". But, it's incredible how God uses her words to show you Himself in EVERYTHING (tattoos, tofu, and pronouns, to give a few examples!!). I can't wait to buy a few copies and give them away--or to start reading this again!

My only, 'con', if you will, would be to say that the ending wasn't what I expected, but you'll have to read and decide for yourself. But, it's only about 2 pages, so I dealt with it! In the words on the lovely Meg Ryan from You've Got Mail, "Read it, I know you'll love it!"

Friday, May 14, 2010

Time flies...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe it's already May 14th! Where has the time gone?! I guess with buying your first home, packing up the other place and moving and unpacking into another, time gets away from you!

The past few weeks have been so fun (moving, bridal showers, family visiting, work, etc.), and the ones ahead are so exciting, as well! Currently, our refrigerator has 6 wedding invitations on it, yes SIX! I, honestly, am so beyond excited for all of them, this summer is going to be packed with bouquets and tuxes and DJ's!

On a separate note, I honestly am considering having my water flown in from somewhere else--it seems that EVERYONE I know is pregnant, I'm afraid to drink the water!! I can count 15 right now that I know---15!!! HOLY COW! So, I'm sure some baby shower invites will be added to our wedding collection :)

Speaking of weddings, I've begun to pray about the Lord leading me to start my own event planning company! It's been funny how I've prayed and prayed "WHY GOD DO I HAVE A JOB THAT I HATE?! WHY AM I WORKING HERE?!" and it's been so amazing to see His hand throughout it all! My job has gradually morphed into event planning and I think I've found my love! In all humility, I feel it's a gift that God's blessed me with...I should have known when I was the one always having people over and planning stuff with and for my friends in College :) So, it may sound silly, but please be praying that I'm lead by the Lord to the next step. I want this to be about Him and how His name can be extended further...and if I have a job I love in the process, I'd be more than happy :)

Hopefully, in the coming days, I can get a camera working and take some pictures of what's going on in our lives in all the many areas! In the meantime, sit tight and have an amazing weekend!! :)


Lots of love,

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our first home!

Ok, well I have officially been MIA from the blogging world, but I have a good reason! We have just bought our 1st house and well frankly, that thing takes up a LOT of your time! But, it's so exciting and we are loving every minute of it! We're currently in the "taking out all the old fixtures/hardware and replacing them with non-early 90's fixtures/hardware"'s good times!

I would show you pictures, but who wants pictures when you could watch a movie!?! But, here's the disclaimer--it's not anywhere near done, so this is just a teaser of what is to come when we get it all done and finished :) Hope you enjoy and we REALLY hope you can come and experience it for yourself when you visit us!

Click here to watch the VIDEO!! - part 1

Click here to watch the VIDEO!! - part 2

Disclaimer--sorry for the woo-hoo's and awesomes..I was clearly very happy :)