Friday, May 14, 2010

Time flies...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe it's already May 14th! Where has the time gone?! I guess with buying your first home, packing up the other place and moving and unpacking into another, time gets away from you!

The past few weeks have been so fun (moving, bridal showers, family visiting, work, etc.), and the ones ahead are so exciting, as well! Currently, our refrigerator has 6 wedding invitations on it, yes SIX! I, honestly, am so beyond excited for all of them, this summer is going to be packed with bouquets and tuxes and DJ's!

On a separate note, I honestly am considering having my water flown in from somewhere else--it seems that EVERYONE I know is pregnant, I'm afraid to drink the water!! I can count 15 right now that I know---15!!! HOLY COW! So, I'm sure some baby shower invites will be added to our wedding collection :)

Speaking of weddings, I've begun to pray about the Lord leading me to start my own event planning company! It's been funny how I've prayed and prayed "WHY GOD DO I HAVE A JOB THAT I HATE?! WHY AM I WORKING HERE?!" and it's been so amazing to see His hand throughout it all! My job has gradually morphed into event planning and I think I've found my love! In all humility, I feel it's a gift that God's blessed me with...I should have known when I was the one always having people over and planning stuff with and for my friends in College :) So, it may sound silly, but please be praying that I'm lead by the Lord to the next step. I want this to be about Him and how His name can be extended further...and if I have a job I love in the process, I'd be more than happy :)

Hopefully, in the coming days, I can get a camera working and take some pictures of what's going on in our lives in all the many areas! In the meantime, sit tight and have an amazing weekend!! :)


Lots of love,


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