Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Looking for God" by Nancy Ortberg

Over the past few months, Carolyn (our pastor's wife) and, I have been reading through this book, Looking for God: An Unexpected Journey Through Tattoos, Tofu & Pronouns. Sadly, our schedules got the best of us and we couldn't finish meeting. But, I had to finish reading this book (sorry Carolyn for going on without you)!! I initially was intrigued with the book for 2 reasons, 1. I loved the name and a book referencing tofu and tattoo's has my immediate attention! 2. Her husband is an incredible author; thus, my hope was some of his writing abilities rubbed off on her via osmosis or something!

This book did not disappoint! It's an incredibly easy read and keeps your attention throughout its entirety. My favorite part is that she has this uncanny ability to make you laugh, cry and motivate the hades out of you (quite literally), all in the same sentence!

The Lord truly used this book to motivate me to do something beyond myself and to stop putting Him in a box, live an ABUNDANT life and stop settling for the status quo in life and with my relationship with Christ. I can't wait to see how God will continually use Nancy's words in my life, but I know it will be perfectly fit for me!

I probably should've known this book would help me "look for God", but in all reality, I felt I had already found him and when I initially started reading, was hoping for a deeper notion than just "looking for God". But, it's incredible how God uses her words to show you Himself in EVERYTHING (tattoos, tofu, and pronouns, to give a few examples!!). I can't wait to buy a few copies and give them away--or to start reading this again!

My only, 'con', if you will, would be to say that the ending wasn't what I expected, but you'll have to read and decide for yourself. But, it's only about 2 pages, so I dealt with it! In the words on the lovely Meg Ryan from You've Got Mail, "Read it, I know you'll love it!"


Hannah said...

She spoke at Orange Conference and was wonderful!

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