Monday, August 8, 2011

Wait on the's worth it!

As many know, Cody and I's relationship would have been considered 'tumultuous'. It may have been compared to a roller coaster or something similar, a time or two. All this craziness, made me depend on Jesus, like WHOA, for my trust and day-to-day sanity!

One of the verses that meant so much to me, during this time, was Psalm 130:5.

"I wait for the Lord, my soul waits and in HIS word I put my trust!"

Talk about scripture being honey to a dry and weary soul, this one did the trick every single time! Granted, I strayed from this verse and tried to take things into my own timing (I can hear faint "AMENS" from our group of friends, scattered all across the world!) But, ultimately, my heavenly Father always reminded me that His timing is perfect and best for my life.

This year, I didn't write an anniversary post. I'm not sure why and it absolutely wasn't due to lack of gratitude or love for my hubby. I think so much was going on with being pregnant and our trip to California that it just kind of got put to the side. Well, I think now is the time! I'm sure Cody is going to be embarassed by some of the details I'm going to unveil but, I just hope he sees it at 'me, being me' and striving to be authentic and real with everyone.

I just wrote on Twitter about how grateful I am for a husband who isn't perfect, but who was perfectly made for me. Our anniversary, this year, was the best example of that! This year we had just returned from a fabulous trip to California and our anniversary was the following week. I had big plans of going to a nice, fancy restaurant and eating like VACATION KINGS, one last time, before returning to our ordinary life and recipes. I made the reservation and told Cody to be ready at such and such time! For whatever reason, I felt like I really wanted to plan our anniversary night, since he is always in charge of date nights and romantic stuff! So, I picked a STEAK HOUSE (yes, men, I am a good wife) haha, just wait, it gets better!

Well, 5:00pm was just about to roll around and for whatever reason I checked our online banking account to see where we were financially....boy am I glad I did that! Our account was hit by some unforeseen charges and our account was low, like "you're kidding yourself if you're going to a nice restaurant and not washing dishes afterward" kind of low! So, I had to go home and break the news to Cody. I was so sad and mad all at once! I mainly do the finances, so I felt completely responsible for ruining our anniversary dinner!!

I walked inside the house and told him I had bad news, we aren't able to go to a nice fancy dinner tonight. I explained the situation and without skipping a beat, he said it was ok and we just got back from a fantastic vacation, so don't worry about it. (that's not verbatim, but it was something like that). After talking some more, we headed to the pantry and fridge to figure out how to make a delicious dinner from a post-vacation fridge and pantry! I must say, I'm quite impressed with our skills....actually, Cody's skills. He seriously made us the most delicious and gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches I've ever had in my entire life! Seriously, I wish I could remember the non-sense that was put in that thing, because at 23 weeks pregnant, I want to replicate it!

But, seriously, that night was perfect. We stayed in, ate stuff from home and just hung out! I honestly can't remember all the details of that night, but I specifically remember us talking about how, of course, we were 'bummed we couldn't go to a nice, fancy dinner; but tonight was so fun and perfect.' We laughed, were goofy, and just enjoyed being together...I'm sure at some point during the evening we gazed romantically into each other's eyes and cartoon hearts formed above our heads :).

You know, sometimes in life things don't turn out the way you anticipate...HECK, when do things EVER turn out the way we anticipate?? But, most of the time, if we wait on the Lord, they turn out pretty incredible....not necessarily in the way we think, but in a way that is so much better. Even now, a few months later, we haven't gone to the fancy steak house, but I don't think a great steak could replace the perfect evening we had...ok, maybe Cody would disagree with that!

To my honey:
You are incredible. Each and every day I'm grateful for the path God has given us and the sweet story He allowed us to have of His grace and faithfulness. I pray that each day I can be a joy and honor to you, as you are to me. Thank you for loving me and all my flaws :)

Blessed to be your wife,
LaRae Davenport


In the past year, I have tried to be grateful....but, I fail miserably. But, on those days/hours/minutes/MOMENTS where I am successful, I've noticed that the Lord blesses that obedience. Honestly, if I wanted to dwell, there is plenty to complain about in life. But, if I check my perspective and realize the true blessings in my life, they out weigh the 'negatives' every single time!

Cody and I don't live an extravagant life, we are comfortable and far from poverty. But, I would find myself always finding what I was 'without'. Often times, I would complain or just have a nasty attitude towards Cody, but I realized that I needed to start taking my complaints to the Lord, first and foremost! In all reality, He is the one to change my circumstance, if that is what really needs to be corrected. Then again, it's usually my attitude that needs an 'adjustment' and He is the one to do that, as well :)

I've started to turn my 'complaining' into prayers--and honestly, my complaining has decreased significantly! It's something about talking to the Creator of the universe about how 'bad your life is' that seems to put things into perspective, huh?

Hope this helps you today, like it has me :)