Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

This past Monday we had Lucas and Bethany Tucker over for dinner! They are another young married couple that helps us out in Northstar's Youth Group, come to think of it, they were our first couple over for dinner :) 

Anyways, after dinner we were just sitting around talking and happened to peek outside and it was POURING down snow!! It was so beautiful! This was the first snow of the 2008-09 Winter Season in Blacksburg and subsequently Cody and I's first downpour of snow since we've been married!! 

Also speaking of marriage, on Friday we will have been married for FIVE MONTHS!! WOW and we haven't killed each other!! Things are going great!! :) haha
Right outside our front door! It was gorgeous outside! And Yes, we do still have our McCain/Palin sign up--I guess we just can't let it go.
Cody basking in the snow flurries

My car is covered already!

The next morning we awoke to a snow-covered wonderland!
This is our backyard scene
Our back porch was awesome!

The next morning we had about 6-8 inches!

Snow on Virginia Tech's Campus--this building happens to be where I work :)

*Winter is officially here!! We are so excited! It's been so fun snuggling up on the couch and drinking our hot apple cider and cocoa! 

In future news, tomorrow, after I get off work, Cody and I are leaving for a Youth Leaders Conference in Nashville, Tennessee (our favorite city-woohoo) So, we are so very excited to get out of town and really learn more about Youth Ministry! Then on Sunday afternoon, we are headed to Ohio for Thanksgiving--but not before stopping in Cincinatti to visit our favorite newlyweds, Corey and Cissie!! Starting tomorrow at 5pm--the next 10 days will be fabulous!! Tons of pictures to come!!! 

Love and Blessings,
C&L Davenport

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Trunk or Treat!!

This year Northstar had their 1st Annual Trunk or Treat!! Here are a few pictures from the event!

FARGO and the Cowgirl!

The two "ballers" --Geoff and Adam or should I say
G-money and A-dizzle!

This was the cutest little girl in the world! Her mom said she didn't want to participate in Halloween then she changed her mind that night--she has on a hot pink wig, red boots and Halloween leggings.

Cutest little fairy at Northstar!

Olivia's little brother had a genuine astronaut's suit--his dad bought it when he went to Houston last month! It was so cool!
*He wanted a picture with the Wendy's girl!

The butterfly, Esther and the Monk promoting the evening!

In competition for our Christmas card!

I was Wendy from the Fastfood chain!

He was digging my treats! haha

Loved her AXE!

Pumpkin, Black Widow Spider, G-Money and the Monk!
*Some of our College kids who came out to see the cute kids!

Caleb the Spy or more popularly known as Batman.

Eve--cutest butterfly we had!

*After we had the event--we came back to our house and had TONS of Trick or Treaters!

Cody got a fog and lightening machine--he was like a little boy, it was so cute!!

Trying to scare the kids with the Fog machine!

Winner of the best Costume of the night: He was a robot and he even had a voice distorter that made him sound like one--it was incredibly genious--you'd only see that in Blacksburg! His mom was definitely an Engineering Professor at VT!