Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Trunk or Treat!!

This year Northstar had their 1st Annual Trunk or Treat!! Here are a few pictures from the event!

FARGO and the Cowgirl!

The two "ballers" --Geoff and Adam or should I say
G-money and A-dizzle!

This was the cutest little girl in the world! Her mom said she didn't want to participate in Halloween then she changed her mind that night--she has on a hot pink wig, red boots and Halloween leggings.

Cutest little fairy at Northstar!

Olivia's little brother had a genuine astronaut's suit--his dad bought it when he went to Houston last month! It was so cool!
*He wanted a picture with the Wendy's girl!

The butterfly, Esther and the Monk promoting the evening!

In competition for our Christmas card!

I was Wendy from the Fastfood chain!

He was digging my treats! haha

Loved her AXE!

Pumpkin, Black Widow Spider, G-Money and the Monk!
*Some of our College kids who came out to see the cute kids!

Caleb the Spy or more popularly known as Batman.

Eve--cutest butterfly we had!

*After we had the event--we came back to our house and had TONS of Trick or Treaters!

Cody got a fog and lightening machine--he was like a little boy, it was so cute!!

Trying to scare the kids with the Fog machine!

Winner of the best Costume of the night: He was a robot and he even had a voice distorter that made him sound like one--it was incredibly genious--you'd only see that in Blacksburg! His mom was definitely an Engineering Professor at VT!

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Megan said...

Where did you get that wig? It's awesome! Looks like lots of fun!