Tuesday, October 28, 2008


About two weeks ago we had pumpkin carving with the college group! Unfortunately, it was also Mid-Terms week, so not many could stay after bible study to carve pumpkins--but the 6 of us had a ball, while everyone else was studying!

Hayden and Jessica getting the guts out!

Saving the pumpkin seeds to bake

Cody and his secret pumpkin he wouldn't let anyone see!

Jessica having too much fun with the big knife

Cute pumpkins!

My pumpkin!!

Me and Cody's pumpin--his looked like it belonged on that movie "The Nightmare before Christmas"

I've got a happy pumpkin!

Cody finally made a goofy Frankenstein--it was so cute!

Have a happy fall!!



Anonymous said...

I really like Cody's pumpkin! Speaking of pumpkin, I made choc chip pumpkin muffins from that What's For Din Din? blog and they were so good! Have you made them?

Megan said...

I am impressed with your pumpkin carving skills! Are were pretty sad! But the kids didn't seem to care! Love love love those jcrew flats below! Too CUte! So glad I found your blog.