Monday, October 20, 2008

Officially Closer to 30 than 20..part 2

I've got more of my Birthday and we have FINALLY finished our Master Bedroom and our Bathroom!

My new sunglasses Cody got me for my Birthday!! These are the one's I've ALWAYS wanted!!

My new J. Crew flats from Mom and Dad!!

Ash got me the Sex and the City Movie and a cute t-shirt
-not to mention all the amazing stuff from "The Office"

My absolute favorite jacket from Mom and Dad!!

*Cody's Parents also got me a gorgeous bouquet of Flower and had them delivered to my office!! It was so sweet and made me feel special! :)


Now, Updates to our Home!!

At the top of the stairs...into the bathroom

Trying to disguise the blue!!

Our Master Bedroom...

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