About Us

Hi! This is a blog about a boy and girl who live away from their family and friends. We thought of starting something to keep everyone updated on our lives and connected to us, since we don't live 'just down the road'!

This girl is a Floridian and the boy is an Ohioan....so, how'd they meet?! Well, at college, of course! You see, we both transferred to Liberty University (as fate would have it!) and met the fall semester of 2004 in a U.S. History class! This girl hated history and ironically it was the boy's major, at the time! It was then, a love story began. Three and a half years later, they became Mr. & Mrs..... and this is where the real story begins! We just bought our first home in Christiansburg, Virginia and started down this crazy path called life (and home-ownership)! So, this is where we are now....hope you enjoy!