Monday, January 26, 2009

Opening presents--the davenport way

One of the things I love about being a new Davenport, besides all the love they give me, is that they love to savor the "present opening" process. 

They start with the youngest person and then go clock-wise---they watch everyone open presents and exclaim how wonderful they are! 
Robin, Cody's mom loving her "moose munch" we got her
Vanessa loves Marilyn Monroe--Robin and I found this book for her
Mark, Cody's Dad, loves Pecan Pie-we got him "Pecan Pie in a Jar" for the times I'm not there to bake him one. 
Robin got noah this box of costumes for "boy dress-up"
Cody finally got a really nice winter jacket
Travis loved his new ESV Study Bible we bought him

Cody's grandma is one of the biggest Cleveland Cavaliers fans i've ever seen---we got her a personalized jersey this year!!
Vanessa got a necklace from Mark and Robin she'd been eyeing
Every year Mark gets his two "daughters", me and vanessa" jewelry from this great little store-last year we got necklaces and this year we got matching earrings!
NOah was tearing into his guitar

we got Cody's grandpa pictures of all of us together

Me and grandpa; the four of us; cody and his grandpa--all from our wedding

These are just a few of the HUNDREDS of pictures that were taken---sorry so late!! 

Hope you all had a great Christmas, too----i can't seem to let it go! :)

Good thing Valentine's Day is only a few days away, I need another holiday!! :)

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Megan said...

You are too funny! Love the new background. Miss you Sunday. Do you think you will do the Esther bible study?