Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Festivities

Christmas Morning in Florida finally came--we had Orange Rolls, Breakfast Casserole, Orange Juice and Coffee!! It was delicious!

Cody was relaxing as we waited for Breakfast to finish!

Mom and Dad preparing the food and getting a little kissy kissy!

All the stockings hung by the fireplace with care! (slightly blurry)

Mom's Stocking, Dad's, Cody's and Mine!

In honor of Cody's love for the beach, mom got him this stocking!

Before opening our stockings and presents, we all read portions of Luke 2 (The story of Jesus' birth)

Cody reading his section

Mom and Dad reading theirs!

Excited for his stocking stuffers!

Excited for theirs!

My mom got me these glasses that you put on and all the lights turn into snowflakes--my dad stole them from me!

This is the view from the snowflake glasses!

Cody got lots of goodies in his stocking--gift cards, candy and guitar strings!

I bought mom a cookbook from the staff at Virginia Tech--she loved it!

Dad opening his candies!

Mom and I bought the same present for Cody and Dad
-she got Cody the John Adams DVD series and we got Dad the DVD series as well.

Mom and Dad bought cody a remote control helicopter--it was hilarious!

I got a new pair of GLOVES!

showing off her new booties and jam!

Dad got an electric smoker from mom!

We have tons of other pictures, but there are just too many of the presents to put up!

We had quite a generous Christmas, this year!! My parents main gift to us was a King Size Bed, but it had to be shipped to us--so my mom couldn't stand us not opening up a few things on Christmas morning, so she got us some wonderful little goodies (clothes, gloves, mini helicopters, gift cards, bibles)-- we are insanely blessed!

We got my dad a pen and pen stand made out of deer antler and a shotgun bullet (it was very cool and so my DAD!--sorry for those who are PETA supporters!)

We got mom lots of other goodies, as well, some jewelry, booties, pictures from the wedding and a cool serving dish with fun napkins for their North Carolina house!

We had a very Merry Christmas in FLORIDA, hope everyone had a great one wherever you were!!

More pictures Christmas in Ohio pictures to come!!

Love and Blessings,
Cody & LaRae


Cissie said... have been a blogging machine! I am glad you two had a very merry 1st Christmas! And next year I am going to find us some of those snow glasses!

Anonymous said...

That is so funny that you have those snow glasses. We went to a friend's house and they had snow glasses and christmas tree glasses. When you look through them you see Christmas trees! haha...I thought that was so cool.. I couldn't remember where they got them from.