Friday, February 6, 2009

Girl's Weekend!

This past weekend, my mom and I flew up to Ohio to attend West Hill's Annual Women's Retreat!!!! It was a girl's weekend to the fullest!!

We both arrived late Thursday night at the Akron/Canton Airport--we were so excited to see each other!! And of course, we both had black and red on--hahaha, we must be related!

Mom was so nervous to drive in the snow with the rental car--it was hilarious the entire weekend!!!!!!

After a night of excitement, we only got 3 hours of sleep!!! The next day called for RELAXATION!

Manicures and shopping were in order!!

In the hotel room, ready for an afternoon nap!

Later Friday afternoon, we helped set-up some stuff for the retreat....we actually ended up just sitting around and being moral support :)
*Mark, Cody's dad, was there setting up the sound equipment, so we couldn't resist a photo-op!

Cyndi Glasgo and Lindy at the registration table

Robin and Cartha were setting up the Karaoke room and couldn't resist giving it a shot!

The early birds were able to pay a few bucks to get a little massage---after a sleepless night, this was just what the Doctor ordered!!!

Me and the lovely masseuse

It was an afternoon of pampering!! After our massages, we did a paraffin wax dip on our hands! Seriously the best antidote for dry, gross winter skin!

Our hands look so weird!

Cody's Grandma even got in on the action!

The Retreat has started!! Robin was welcoming all the ladies to a weekend of relaxing!

The excellent speaker--Joanie Tabor!!

Ladies at the women's retreat as crazy--seriously!!


The theme was "A Caribbean Vacation"---so the ladies dressed up as synchronized swimmers--it was hilarious!!! This is Cody's aunt, Lindy!

Part of the routine

The next day, Robin was slightly more relieved and looking cute in her "Sea gals" shirt

At our "free-time" on Saturday, My mom, me and Cody's Aunt Merry went to a cute little town called Hudson, Ohio--it had great little shops and delicious food!!

The quaint Main Street shopping--it was adorable!

 We went to this cute little place called Main Street Cupcakes--absolutely adorable and soo delicious!

The next day was Sunday--My mom and I went to West Hill (Cody's home church) and had a great time!! After church on Sunday we hung out with little Noah (Cody's nephew--we'll he's mine now too!!! haha)

Vanessa dresses him absolutely adorably!
After church we went to lunch with Joanie, the speaker from the retreat! We had a great lunch at Pine Tree Barn (my favorite place on earth) and shopped around! Needless to say, we were exhausted and needed to relax!!

That Sunday was Superbowl Sunday or better known as Vanessa's Birthday!!! She had to wait until half-time to enjoy her big day!

She loves Tiramisu, so we got her her favorite dessert and Noah helped blow out the candles

He was pulling the candles out and licking them--he wanted to put the candles back in the cake to get more icing---it was hilarious!

His first taste of Tiramisu

Clearly enjoying it

Opening presents--we got her cute Damask coffee mugs that match her kitchen

*We had a great trip--it was so nice to hang out with my mom by's been a LONG time since that's happened!! Also, the weekend was such a great time of spiritual renewal and encouragement--God did great things and I am so encouraged to keep going in this life and Christian journey!! Thanks Joanie for speaking your heart and your transparency! It was so great!

Love y'all--

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Natalie Ruta said...

hey larae that is sooo crazy you went to HUDSON... my brother and sister in law live there isnt it the cutest town you have ever seen!??! We love visiting them there!!! glad you had fun there!!!