Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy 'Love' Day

This was our first Valentine's day as Hubs and Wifey!! Northstar had a Valentine's Night dinner for couples and a movie! We had about 26 people and some great food!!

This was the banquet room I got to decorate--good times!

Our Associate Pastor and his wife making out.

my hubs being romantic and silly!

new friends and fellow bloggers--Megan and Shane

The good set up (my eyes go directly to the dessert table!)

Watching the movie during dinner

The girls from our table and Jenna (Megan, Jenna, Erin, Tonia and Me!)

Christine decided to join in too---i realized after that we all wore black and red!!

We had a good time! Hope you enjoyed your valentine's day too!

Lots of Love,
Cody and LaRae


Megan said...

We had so much fun. Good job pulling it together! We need to hang out again soon.

Cissie said...

What a Sweet Dinner. Love your dress!

Cody and LaRae Davenport said...

Megan--we had a great time too!! We definitely need to hang out soon--i'll talk to Cody about a good time and we'll figure something out!

Cissie-- thanks so much, i love that dress too!!