Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Hubs' Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Husband!!

Today Cody turns 25!! I finally feel like I'm not robbing the craddle anymore (i'm six months older than him). Anyways, I thought a few pictures from the past few years we've been dating would be a fun way to celebrate Cody's birthday--i'll let you know how we celebrated AFTER, not to spoil the goodness :)

The first two months of us dating--we always spent time with Josh at his apartment, ordering Chinese food....such fun times!

Our first summer of dating---this was taken in Maine at Cody's cousin's rehearsal first Maine Lobster!!

Seeing Shane and Shane for my birthday!
Spring Break in FL with Cedric!

Being silly, per usual. 

On our first youth retreat as husband and wife

Also, today Cody celebrates his birthday with his best friend, Josh--they were born on the same day, in the same hospital and about 13 years later--became best friends and have been ever since...God is so neat!

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Cissie said...

Love the new Spring feeling of the blog. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CODY! And what are the odds of your BFF being born in the same hospital and same day! How cool! I wish I had that. Can't wait to see you celebrated!