Thursday, March 26, 2009

my hero.

When people ask me who my hero is, I always say my parents. This is good and well, and the God's honest truth...but I think this past weekend a new name was added to my list.

My best friend Emily is now my hero. Emily and I have been friends since the fateful day we met the summer before our Sophomore year at Fort Myers High School at Volleyball Camp with Salome and Danielle Chadha (wow, GOOD TIMES). Em was the quiet, good girl who would laugh at my obnoxiously loud ways. Emily was a friend from the start. My relationship with Em kinda reminds me, in a small way, of my relationship with Christ. The ebb and flows, of good times and bad, always comes back to feeling like we'd never been apart and picking up where we left off.

My favorite part of our friendship was during our freshman years in college when she was attending Liberty University and I was attending the University of Miami in FL. Em would tell you this wasn't the best time in her life, but it's funny how God can even use us when were at our lowest. To me, Em was being used by God to draw me back to Him. I stopped going out and doing stupid stuff, so we could chat and to be honest, make fun of how her curfew at Liberty was when all my friends would just be going out! We had so many great, incredible conversations on the phone and via AIM (yes, we were that cool!) But, even as much as I made fun of Liberty, God used Em to eventually get me to transfer there.

It's so funny how we essentially swapped places; I took a semester off and then eventually transferred to Liberty, then Em came back to FL after her year at Liberty. Even so, Em was such an encouragement while I was there, constantly praying for me and telling me to hang in there!

I feel, it's my turn to return the favor. Two days ago, Emily left for Korea. Em is going to Pusan, South Korea to teach English for a year. A YEAR. Even now, those two words haunt me. I know her and I have gone quite lengthy periods without even as much as a phone call, but just like most boys, I want what I can't have. :)

This past weekend, I flew to FL because I couldn't fathom to say goodbye to her for a year, without a good night full of laughter and sarcasm. I know I went to FL for emily, but the weekend was such honey to my soul. I just needed friendship so badly, and I got it in so many ways. Especially when Ashley picked me up and we spent the evening hanging out (miss my other besty, ash!!)

But, now Emily has been in Korea for about a day and a half....we just got to talk on Skype (God's blessing to missionaries) and I can tell it's my turn to be an encouragement to Emily. She has been so obedient to Christ and His call on her life, no doubt there will be spiritual warfare and anxiety about being half a world away from her friends and family....but of all people, I know Emily is the best person to be there. I have not one doubt in my mind that God will do amazing things with Emily and THROUGH Emily for the advancement of His Kingdom and His Glory in Korea. So, whenever you think about it, say a prayer for Emily...for strength, guidance and comfort from God. Pray that she can be honest and open about her relationship to Christ with her co-workers and with those living in Korea. Pray that not only will she help others grow in their faith, but pray that this will grow HER in her own faith. Pray for her to find a church, a good Godly friend to have and for her to develop meaningful relationships...also pray that she doesn't find a Korean man and get swept away and live in Korea for the rest of our lives. (jk, but seriously).

I pray that each and everyone has the blessing of having a best friend like Emily. I am so blessed to have two....both of whom, sadly, live thousands of miles from me right now. But, I don't think I ever realized the need for friendship more than right now. It truly is like honey to a weary soul.


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elizabeth said...

Sorry if this seems kinda stalkerish...I love reading people's blogs -- and blogging myself. I pray that I can find a friend like that. Somehow, I have gotten to this point in my life where I can honestly say that I don't have a best friend (besides my hubby). It is so weird to say, even think that. I am not sure what happened...i think back to the days of being in high school and college surrounded by friends. I guess things change. I just want you to know that you really are blessed. I can't even remember what it's like to have a close girlfriend. -- lol. Sorry! Not sure why I am sharing all this with you. I guess reading this just made me think...