Saturday, March 7, 2009

Surprises and Sushi

For Cody's birthday, I wanted him to have a great time! So, a few weeks ago, Matt and I started scheming of how to surprise Cody on his birthday. The big day finally came and Cody was so incredibly surprised!!

This was right after Cody answered the door and was so excited to see Matt at the door!
Matt brought presents from Cody's parents and grandparents--he was so giddy!
That night we headed to Red Lobster for his Birthday dinner....our waiter brought him a little treat.
his first birthday as a hubs.
so grateful that matt came to visit!
Saturday morning, since Cody had no clue Matt was coming, he signed us up to meet newcomers to Blacksburg--this is Shane and his family meeting a newbie to the area!

Afterwards, The Carter's took us out to lunch for Cody's Birthday---group shot!
After lunch, I convinced the boys to head to the mall across the street...we ended up at Dick's Sporting least I got to work on my putt. :)

And matty got to work on his pimp stance.

After a lazy afternoon, we went to Sushi for dinner--it was DELICIOUS!!!!!

We will be brining all subsequent guests to this hot spot! :)
They were so happy about dinner.

A little too happy....maybe even gay.
Then matt remembered he had a lady waiting at home...

We went next door to hand pick some amazing chocolates for her...Matt was excited to earn brownie points. :)

We had a great time, but were missing matty already!!!

Thanks so much for coming to visit matt, we had a great always. :)

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