Thursday, October 7, 2010

Recent happenings!!

Hey everyone!! I can't believe it's been almost a month since my last post!! So much has happened since then, so hopefully I'll be able to give all the updates in this post :)

Well, I made a 27 before 27 list a few weeks ago, you can check it out here. I've made some progress to it in the past few months, you can see that here. But, since then I've made even more progress...including knocking out one of my biggest fears...singing in public, on stage! This one is happening, this Sunday, on my actual birthday....10/10/10....I love that, that's my birthday this year!! It's so fun!!

Ok, so here are the one's I've marked off even since my last update of it!

1. Train for and then run a 5k--I haven't found one that works for my schedule for me to run yet, but I'm still training and getting addicted, I'm loving it!!

7. Read the entire Bible...I've atleast started on this one!!

10. Finish decorating our new house! --This is QUITE gradual, but I'm having fun finding new things!!
11. Sing on stage with Cody...without wanting to throw up from fear!..THIS SUNDAY!! YIKES!!

14. Pray more, TONS more! --This has been an incredible addition!

17. Successfully plant something and actually have something grow from it! --i planted 3 new plants this summer...2 are still alive :)

18. Get Cody recording time to make his demo! I was so happy to knock this off the list--I surprised him when we were in Charleston with 4 days of recording time with a recording studio & producer in Charlotte, NC (kinda a belated anniversary present/super early Christmas present/just because I believe in you present)

25. Lose weight & get in shape! (I'm happy to announce that as of today, I've lost 13 pounds...and counting!)

Ok, so that's about all I have to update the '27 before 27' list--hopefully I'll get some of them marked off by the end of October!!

A few weeks ago, Cody and I headed down to FL to visit my family, as my granddad wasn't doing well, health-wise. So, we made the decision to go visit and see him. Not many pictures were taken during this trip, but one morning my parents and I were up and I took some gorgeous pictures of their backyard sunrise....they live directly on the lake, so it was just gorgeous!

In other news, we had our annual women's retreat last weekend. It was incredible! I really prayed for the Lord to bring 25 women to the retreat and we ended up having 28 women signed up! We had a few that were really sick and a few who had family issues and couldn't make it. BUT, we ended up with 24 ladies at the retreat! :)

All the girls!!

My incredible planning team!

Some of our fun decor

One of our mascots the weekend...Norah!

What women's retreat would be complete without a trip to Bubblecake!

Next up, my 27th birthday!!!


-*- Sara -*- said...

Here's a 5K for next weekend- It's really soon, but you can do it if you want :-) haha!

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