Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our FIRST Vacation and some updates!

Well, as you may have read here, I can now successfully cross off a few of my goals from my 27 before 27 list!

9. We bought our first painting for our kitchen....it's not from a gallery, but give us some time to become art aficionados! I'll post a picture later!

15. I've probably gotten worse at this one....I have a great explanation, though!!

16. Successfully crossed off the list!!!...enter pictures from Charleston!!

Cody and I have quite a busy summer (see previous post) and we have always used our 'leave time' to either go on family vacations, him singing in weddings, weddings in general, etc. and holidays that we have never really had time with just him and I going away to a new place. So, since we bought a couch for our 2nd anniversary (super romantic), I decided to surprise Cody with a trip to Charleston, SC.

Our fabulous hotel, within walking distance of EVERYTHING!!

Cool, old church

DELICIOUS restaurant-82 Queen

The remains of my Shrimp and Grits (my parents would be so proud of my continuation of our southern heritage!)

Dinner :)

Outside of 82 Queen--he's a goof!

Site-seeing after dinner...some old historical buildings

Then, it was time for the beach :)

And, what trip is ever complete without tracking down the local cupcake shop?!


Our last day, we came back to the room to find chocolate covered strawberries and ice cold Perrier from Cody's parents! They knew how special this trip was for us and it was so sweet of them to do that for us! And those strawberries were quite possibly the largest I've seen...ever!! Thanks Mark & Robin aka Mom & Daddy D :)

Our last day was quite eventful....There's a street in Charleston called King Street...let's just say, it was heavenly (Pottery Barn, Boutiques, Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, etc.) They even had a Mac store! So, we strolled in and I just leisurely asked if they had any iPhone 4's in stock...the guy WHISPERED, 'we just got a shipment this morning'....apparently, they aren't allowed to say they for sure have them, as to not cause a RIOT!! SO, we made the decision for me to get an iPhone :) It was a glorious surprise!!

After walking around, we ended at The Mellow Mushroom. A place with organic brick oven pizza!! DELICIOUS!!!!

And my new favorite place, EVER....FreshBerry!!

We had an incredible time! Thanks to Jeff for letting Cody off of work, Cody's parents for the sweet treats and Jenna & Josiah for all the pointers of WHERE to go!! :)

Until next time,
The Davenport's!!


CupCakeCutie said...

Looks like a wonderful time! So glad you all had a chance to get away just the two of you. Josh and I are trying to do that in the next year or two.

Josiah & Jenna said...

aww glad you guys had fun-- thanks for the shout out :) wish i could see your pretty face. i need some Larae in my life!

Megan said...

You went to some of our absolute favorite places! We miss living there it is such a fun city.

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