Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Our summer has been quite busy, thus far...but it's been so fun! I'm going to try and give you a 'rough' update of what's been going on lately, so hopefully it doesn't get too lengthy!

Well, first up in Cody's life, the church moved offices and now they are relocated in the Lancaster Home (Historic Home on VT's campus). Everyone is so excited about the new location and how God will use this new opportunity to reach MORE student for Jesus on Virginia Tech's campus. I can't wait to see God move this fall!

Here's a pic of Cody's new office -he's always wanted a glass desk :)

After that, the 2nd wedding of the season occurred. So, me and 2 other girlfriends loaded up in the car and headed to Illinois for Kristi & Clay's wedding! It was quite a trip, but we stopped halfway, in Columbus, and stayed with Matt & Maria (thanks, again, it was a Godsend!)

So, this is where the story gets interesting...if I had to put a label on it...I'd call this section, Tornadoes. So, me and the girls get into Columbus around 6:30pm on Wednesday, and then we all decide to go out to dinner. So, we pack up in the car again and Maria tells us about this new place to eat (story on that later). So, we get lost (of course) and I'm driving in this tiny little town outside of Columbus and I pull into a small gas station to turn around and then these sirens start going off. The girls inform me that, that means there's a tornado near!! Now, I'm from FL, so I have no past experience with tornadoes {give me a hurricane ANYDAY!} So, I'm kind of nervous now (not to mention another girl in the car is kind of freaking out, so that doesn't help!) So, I quickly turn around and furiously scan the horizon looking for tornadoes and anxiously thinking of how I plan to 'out run' it with Danielle's car! We turned on the radio and sure enough a tornado was in our I keep speeding and try to get out of this weather! Well, praise God, no dodging of the tornadoes! We made it to the restaurant and finally got something to eat at around 8pm! It was quite an experience! I'd love to say that was the end of it, but oh no...

Well, after that exciting night, I was ready to get to Illinois (the irony of that is too funny, now!) We get to Illinois and start helping out with all the last minute details. It was a lot of work, but we had such a blast doing it. It was so fun because we all were "bachelorette's" that weekend, because none of our husbands were able to join us. Well, Saturday finally came and the wedding was gorgeous (pictures below).

Then the reception started....and about 2 hours into it, a man gets on the microphone and says "The fire department has just informed us we are in a tornado warning, and one has touched down about 3 miles from here. If everyone could please make their way to this secured hallway, that would be great." Me and Danielle just look at each other and laugh. I honestly thought this was a joke! So, about 100 or so attendees cram into a hallway and just wait. About 15 minutes goes by and they say, "it's made a huge mess of the town next to us and is headed our way! Everyone needs to get into these bathrooms immediately; kids first, then women and men." When they dropped the "kids first" I knew it was serious. I think I was legitimately about to hyperventilate. My hands were shaking and I was thinking "I can't believe I'm going to die like this!" So, me and Danielle and Emily Nichols cram into this bathroom stale (picture below) and wait it out! There are probably like 50 people in this bathroom--it was insane! Some lady even got everyone's attention and starting praying that God would break up the storm. Even right now, as I'm writing this, I'm nervous thinking about it. haha. I just can't believe that happened..TWICE in one week! I was texting & calling Cody, my parents and Em (back home) and asking for their prayers. It TRULY was an answer to prayer that we are alive. The tornado dissipated about half a mile from the church and touched ground right past the church! Needless to say, I was done with the Midwest!!

We packed up that night and left at 5am the next morning! I wanted to see my hubby!! The girls dropped me off in Columbus, where Cody was leading worship for his brother, Travis', FIRST launch service at their new church, Covenant (shameless plug...if you live in the Columbus area, check them out!!! Covenant Church Online)

We had a great time hanging out with Travis, Vanessa, Noah and Estella (cutie pie pictured below). We also had such a fun time double dating with Matt & Maria (so wish I had a picture of that!!) Ness, Stelli and I went shopping and we had a great time just talking and hanging out! This was also the time Vanessa guilted me into training and running a 5k with her and her sister, Hannah!! (see previous post)

Well, then Tuesday morning came and we headed back home!! We had about two weeks with NOTHING TO DO!!! It was so glorious! We celebrated our 2 year anniversary and spent so much time together! Since we bought a house, we thought an appropriate anniversary present to each other would be furniture--haha! So, we bought a sectional for Cody's man cave!

In recent happenings with my job, I've applied for a new one! It's an event planner position within Alumni Relations at VT. I've really started to LOVE event planning, so I thought I'd give applying a shot! I'd honestly LOVE the opportunity, but I know that God is sovereign and He is in I'm ok with whatever happens! I'll keep you posted!

This past weekend we went to wedding #3, Emily Reed and Nathan Love! It was such a precious wedding, with her father, a pastor, giving the message! They are such a dynamic amaznig couple and their wedding was so lovely!

Fuzzy picture, but they have 80's sunglasses on!

Part of the reception--this truly doesn't even give it justice! It was beautiful!

Well, I think that about wraps it up!! We have been pretty swamped, but life is amazingly good and we're so grateful for each day! I'll try to keep you posted a little more regularly :)

Up next: July 4th in Boone and Carissa & Dan's wedding :)

Love y'all,


ypastorswives said...

Ugh.. I have been in the bathroom because of a tornado before and it is dreadful! The pic of you and your friend in the bathroom cracks me up because I can't tell if you are making faces for the camera or if you are legit freaked out.

LaRae Davenport said...

hahaha, we were pretty frightened, but we were hamming it up for the camera...hahaha

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