Wednesday, July 21, 2010

a brass transformation: UPDATE!!

When we bought our new home it came stocked with brass hardware and accessories. Not hot. One of my favorite beauties was this brass chandelier in the dining room.

I was about 2 seconds away from ripping it down and buying a new one when I came across this little bit of blog o' confidence --Dwellings by Devore. Seriously, this gal can transform ANYTHING! I don't have nearly that much talent, but I saw my ugly duckling brass chandelier as a challenge....maybe I could save a few bucks and use what I have! After reading nearly every page of her blog, I was armed with enough confidence to think I might be able to do this! Mind you, this was my first experience with this type of thing so I made a few mistakes and learned a few lessons!

Step 1. clean chandelier of all nastiness and dust

Step 2. Prime her up--I used KILZ primer and it worked great (just beware, it produces an insane amount of dust/residue that basically gets EVERYWHERE!)

Step 3. After being covered with primer, we made Em this little get up (gloves and old happy they are finally coming in hand!)

Step 4. Spray paint the ugly out of her! This isn't that great of a picture, and I still have a few touch up areas, but I'm pretty happy! I used Rustoleum metallic "oil rubbed bronze". I am going to put little black and tan gingham shades on the lights, so that it will look a ton better! I'll give an updated version later...but I was pretty proud of myself!

UPDATE: Here's what it looks like now! (I even got a new picture to hang up and we painted the walls in the kitchen)


My mom found these great mini lampshades at Lowe's for $6 each!! (for those who don't know..that's a great deal!)

New picture and new chandelier :)

Lessons Learned
- Even though it's a pain in the tail, move EVERYTHING within a 100 foot radius away from your painting area

- Also, even though it's a pain, it's worth 'de-wiring' and taking down from the ceiling (I was afraid of getting shocked so I left mine up haha)

- Cover every inch of your body with something--especially for the primer stage, it produces a fog of dust like particles!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little experiment and it gave you confidence that if I can do you, you FOR SURE can do it!!

Love ya'll,


Megan said...


LaRae Davenport said...

Thanks, Meg :) I still need to get a cord cover--I found one at Ballard's gingham so it matches the chairs my mom and I recovered! That's my next blog post!

Anonymous said...

You painted it hanging? I don't care what that girl on the website you posted can do, if you can pull that off you win :)

LaRae Davenport said...

haha yes I did! I was too afraid of getting shocked to disassemble it!

joven said...

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