Thursday, October 21, 2010

Baby (decor) Fever

Since I now have to start using my toes to count the number of friends that are 'with child' or have just had a baby (check out these precious new cuties here and here), I thought I'd jump on the baby train....well, the baby DECOR train, that is!

I may or may not take a few minutes out of my workday and peruse the Land of Nod, Pottery Barn Kids or cute online baby boutiques. But, seriously, who can blame a girl! These nurseries are to die for! So, I thought I'd post a few of my know, for those secret pregnant ladies who follow the blog! So, here are a few of my favorites...hopefully this will diminish the baby bug :)

I just love the pink and browns of this, but more than anything the fantastic storage! It eases my mind knowing that everything has a place, so this is the general it's just so stinkin' cute!

I'm not a big fan of the colors (peach hasn't been hot since it made it's debut in the 1980's bridesmaid dress circuit)...BUT, the huge windows and the overall layout is so bright and beautiful!

(Pause for audience gasps)--ok, now let me explain. Yes, the baby girl may go blind from the extreme HOT pink color, but I really love the textured wallpaper and the navy accent color---I think LOTS more navy should've been added, though! Ohh, and that!

Remove the stuffed animals and baby books....I'll use this as inspiration for a guest room! I LOVE this brown polka dot chair and the light blue and light chartreuse accent colors...too cute! (p.s. not a fan of the circles on the high walls, though)

This may be a bit too much drama for my taste, but chartreuse and black is such a fabulous color combo!

I kinda hate the pastels, but the artwork above the crib was too cute not to share--ABC,123!

Really love this--though it's a bit bright, I think the chair is my favorite part!

Probably one of my favorites for a boy--the deep tan wall color really makes the other soft colors pop....and I'm a glutton for blue and white poor kid has no choice but to be a prepster!

This was just so calming to me! The colors are so complimentary that I just imagined a mommy cozying up on the chair and cuddling her little peanut!

Who doesnt love an aqua crib!? This was so fun!

This was picked for Cody--this nursery has his name ALL over it! For some reason it reminds me of Chuck Taylors...which our kid will surely be rockin'!

This one reminds me of those of those gift shops where there's so much stuff that the second you walk in you're on sensory overload! But, I did like the cute ribbon and painted frame details....just take away a few accessories...Would a solid color be so bad?!

If this picture didn't illicit an 'awww', you have no heart. It's just too precious!

And for my all time favorite---I adore this one! Don't be surprised that you'll see a near replica whenever we have a girl! love it!

Hope you had as much fun as I did--ok now, back to work!!

*All images were found here


Russanna said...

This cracks me up, but I like to look at pretty furniture too!

Stephanie said...

Love this! All of our friends up here either have babies or are preggos... well, except for one couple. It gets crazy talking everything baby all the time and to does sometimes give one a case of baby fever. :)

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