Monday, November 30, 2009


It's finally here--my favorite time of the year...CHRISTMAS!! Aside from the obvious good things regarding the holiday, I love that it's a time to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Regardless of our life situation and circumstances, we are all so terribly blessed! So, in the light of this charitable season, a giveaway is in order!!!

Giveaway Details:

Here's what you get if you win...
1. Rocky Road Brownie Mix
2. Christmas cookie cutters
3. Mini-red spatula
4. Peppermint sprinkles
5. a few more surprise goodies!!

*Sorry clarity is bad--took it with my phone!


1. For a chance to win, please comment on this post with an answer to the following question:

"What is your favorite holiday tradition?" OR "What do you want to start to be a holiday tradition for Christmastime?"


-One winner will be chosen on Saturday, December 5th and notified that day.
-The winner has until Sunday, the 6th to accept the giveaway or another winner will be chosen
-Please make sure I have a means to contact you (either leaving your email address or blogsite with your comment)
-Only one entry per person to win!

GOOD LUCK!! Can't wait to hear about all the great traditions



Braden and Stephanie said...

Hello long lost friend! I haven't talked with you in forever, but come across your blog at random times. :) Let's see.. when I was living at home, my favorite tradition was waking up the day after Thanksgiving to the Kenny Rogers Christmas CD, eating breakfast with my fam, and then spending the day putting up the tree and other decorations with my parents and brother.

Anonymous said...

okay, so i have two:

by far my favorite holiday tradition (and one that originates with my maternal great-great grandmother) is opening one present on Christmas eve and having is always be pajamas. then Christmas morning is spent in fresh, usually festive, clothing...which helps when the inevitable pictures are taken.

the other is when i was young, my mom used to choose one day where my sister and i could 'skip' school and stay at home baking dozens and dozens of Christmas cookies -- the whole house would be lit up, bing serenading us as we decorated each cookie, hot cocoa in unlimited amounts. a favorite memory i hope to share with my kids...

(this is em, by the way.)

Anonymous said...

Who can beat any tradition in the Millage household? My favorite holiday tradition is getting a new nutcracker every year at Christmas to add to my collection. My mom has collected nutcrackers forever and I have always loved them. Right before Brandon and I got married, we were totally broke. Since my birthday was a week before our wedding, Brandon didn't have much money for a present, so he bought me a nutcracker to start what would become a yearly tradition. Every year, he surprises me with a new one and each one has a special meaning. Last year, I got a Chicago Cubs nutcracker to go along with our favorite baseball team.

Right now, we are talking and praying over how we can make celebrating Advent a part of our holiday season. I'd love to hear some ideas!

Ethan Pless said...

Growing up my favorite Christmas tradition was always reading Twas' the Night Before Christmas around the Christmas tree with my mom, brother and sister on Christmas Eve. Now that I'm older and I have a family of my own, a new Christmas tradition that we started last year was reading one Christmas story every night in December before Ethan goes to bed. He may be too little to know what we're reading right now, but when he gets older I want him to always remember reading the Christmas stories with Mommy and Daddy before bedtime.

What a great idea Larae! You're so festive and joyful! Love reading your blog!

Juliann Pless <3

elizabeth said...

When I was younger, for a few years my aunt sent my sister and I pj's for Christmas...and we would open them up on Christmas Eve. It's been years since I've gotten any...but now starting my own family...I think this would be a cute tradition to start! Another one that I would like to start is to read the story of Jesus' birth and Twas' the Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve.

Charity Lane said...

In our house, there were very few real traditions. Outside of eating macaroni and cheese baked with breadcrumbs from a clear glass baking dish, and not being allowed to start playing Christmas music until after my dad's birthday (Dec 9th), nothing else really was a tradition. I remember one year, my parents didn't even get out our Christmas tree until Christmas Eve for whatever reason.
However, one tradition has started in the more recent years. Our friends sent us a VHS tape of the Living Christmas Tree in 1995. We watched that year's tree performance, and then the next year, drove down from NY on a Friday, and spent Saturday at Thomas Road, watching one or both performances of the Tree, and then returning home on Sunday after church. It became a way to start the Christmas holiday for me (and it usually gave me a chance to see my parents before finals when I was at LU).
Charity Lane
cllane (at)

The Malko's said...

How fun! You are so cute LaRae!

My FAVORITE holiday tradition is getting Christmas PJ's on Christmas Eve - I know, I'm a little old for my parents to still be buying me and my siblings (and the hubby now) matching PJ's, but I love it! I don't even want to think about the day when I won't get my new warm Christmas PJ's!

One tradition I really want to start is hosting my family in my home! Since it is our first Christmas as homeowners, I would really like to do a Christmas Eve Dinner or a day after Christmas brunch and make it a new tradition! I love to host people in our home!

What are your fave's LaRae??


Erica P. said...

Well - my favorite would be going out each year to a Christmas Tree lot, we'd always TRY to go to the same lot each year, once we found good trees. My parents of course would forget where that lot was so we'd always end up going to a different lot. Once we got there though, we'd make sort of a competition out of it, all 4 of us kids and my parents would run around together looking at all of the trees, then each of us would find a tree we liked the best, and the rest of the family would come over look at the tree and we'd all vote on which tree was the best tree. Whichever tree happened to win, Dad or one of my brothers would get down (usually in the snow because we had a hard time finding a time when all of us were free to go.) and use a hand saw and cut the tree down. Dad would then shake the tree out and load it up. It was a good and fun time with family. Then after we'd all come home and mom would make us some hot chocolate with marshmallows! That's my favorite tradition. Now with my siblings all married and in other states... well it's just my parents and I doing this.

CupCakeCutie said...

my favorite tradition is the advent wreath.

Amy & Justin Perry said...

My favorite tradition is having hot chocolate and cookies on Christmas eve and reading the Christmas story all together as a family. This is really special to our family because it gets our hearts in the right spirit the night before to remember what Christmas is really about! And since my mom always wants good pictures on Christmas day we open one gift which are always pajamas for us to wear Christmas day!