Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Big 2-6 (slightly late)

So, ever since my 21st, I've been going to the mountain house in Boone to celebrate my birthdays! This year was no different! With Cody leaving me a bachelorette for the majority of the week as he was at the Catalyst Conference, I packed up Thursday afternoon and headed to the land of coziness and beauty! This birthday was probably one of my favorites--rivals my 16th when my parents surprised me with a car and a cake with a picture of me picking my nose on it (thanks mom!), I digress! Nothing was too special about the weekend except that it was spent with my parents and the food over the course of those 4 days was indescribably scrumptious!!

The first night we just hung out and snuggled up by the fire...boy was that needed!

The next day, Mom and I headed into town and she surprised me with a trip to the Spa!! After the week I had, had it was heaven sent! Mani/Pedi & Facial was just what the doctor ordered for this 26 year old! :) Mom and I had such a great time together!

Friday night, they told me to pick a restaurant with the only stipulation being that it had to be new, a place none of us had ever been! I knew exactly where I wanted to go- The Osceola Lodge. My parent's friends had raved about this place for months, so I thought it'd be the perfect way to ring in 'official adulthood'! So, we cleaned up and headed over (the boys even have to wear coats--FANCY and my kind of place!!)

On the way to the Lodge, mom and I thought the leaves were too gorgeous to not get out and take some pictures! So a photo shoot ensued (these are only 2 of the 20 we took!!)

My parents are the cutest!

In front of the Lodge-pre.dinner!

Mid.Dinner (such great conversation and I have never laughed so hard in such a long time!!)

My momma!

A little fuzzy, I knew I should've had the desk clerk take two!! :)

2nd mini-photo shoot :)

Mom and Dad letting our huge meals settle in the Library

Saturday was BIRTHDAY DAY!

*Opening some presents with my other 'sister', our dog Abby!

Before Dinner we headed to Fred Mercantile on Beech Mountain, i love getting pictures there for the fall!! Such great decorations

We went to Jacalope's for dinner--I had never been there, but since it'd been over 10 years, we thought it was "new" again! It was such a great dinner--the food was DELICIOUS!!

And of course, my birthday was complete with Bananas Foster (my favorite!!)

Mom and Dad, thanks for an awesome birthday!! I had such a wonderful time hanging out with you two!! You made the birthday without Cody so fun (even if I thought it wouldn't be) Love you both so much--thanks for all the great laughs!

Love your girl,
LaRae (keedar/sissy)

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Anonymous said...

I love banannas foster!! My sister used to make it a lot :)