Thursday, November 12, 2009

Meeting Estella Ruth!

A few Sundays ago, Cody and I quickly said our goodbyes and packed up our things from church and headed north, to Ohio! We were so excited for our quick trip and getting to see family! The reasons for the trip were two-fold, 1) Cody's Brother, Travis and his wife, Vanessa, just welcomed a second child (the first GIRL) to our family. 2) Since we're heading to Florida this year, for Thanksgiving, we won't get to see the Davenport side of the fam until a few days before CHRISTMAS! So, we headed up and we had a great trip!! The pictures are basically of little Estella, but we had a great time with everyone else, too!

The October girls--holding little E for the first time (and getting baby fever!)

Cody holding Estella for the first time and getting FREAKED OUT!!

Getting warmed up to the idea :)

Robin, Cody's mom, falling in love with her new granddaughter

The great-grandparents loving on little Estella

Proud daddy!

The next day, we headed around Wooster to some amish towns and landed at this great homemade cheese store (I hadn't had carbs for over a month, so I was so excited to find something I could finally eat!!!)

My honey :)

Happy grammie, dreaming of ways to spoil her!

Her favorites: green paci and big bows :)


Lilianna's mommy said...

You look great holding a baby :)

Amanda (aka @caffeinated_mom )

egt said...

Two things: 1. You and Cody would be awesome parents and 2. The bows on that childs head are outrageously huge!! Very cute though!

Megan said...

She's adorable and you both look pretty darn good holding her! Sorry that I am contributing to baby fever, but your kids are going to be cuties!

Isn't Shisler's yummy?

Where is she getting those big bows? Too cute!