Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas giveaway winner!!

The Christmas giveaway has come to a close and I'm happy to announce that our first-ever blog giveaway winner is..........(drum roll please)............

Amy Perry! This was Amy's entry: 

"My favorite tradition is having hot chocolate and cookies on Christmas eve and reading the Christmas story all together as a family. This is really special to our family because it gets our hearts in the right spirit the night before to remember what Christmas is really about! And since my mom always wants good pictures on Christmas day we open one gift which are always pajamas for us to wear Christmas day!"

Amy, let me know if you accept and I'll get your goodies right out to you!! Thanks everyone for participating--can't wait for the next one....I'm thinking some New Year's goodies???? We will have to see! 

Since a few have asked, we have a huge number of traditions in the Lee/Davenport household. Before I was married, my family would always go to the candlelit service on Christmas Eve and then over to our family friends house, the Propp's, for a big Christmas Eve dinner party. 

Cody said his favorite Christmas tradition is going to his grandparents house on Christmas Eve, his family all sitting around and each person goes around and opens up a present, eat orange rolls, sausage balls and the elusive "Elvis" white elephant gift! 

Now that Cody and I are married, we're starting our own new traditions. The past two years, we have picked a day to go get our tree (real, of fake trees for us!) We spend the evening decorating it and putting up the ornaments and talking about the new ones we bought that year (this year we got one in Maine for our One Year Anniversary-it's a cute little red lobster, one at the P.Graham Dunn store and two at Disney). I'm sure we will come up with some more as the years continue, but until then those are our fun Christmas traditions!


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