Thursday, September 3, 2009


Hello!!! I know I've been vacant, but it's been quite crazy in our lives! We had our big kick-off for church on August 30th, "officially" welcoming our new pastor Jeff and his family!

-We had the first week of school-CRAZY!!!! Our town just exploded with 30,000 more people!

-I'm a Teaching Assistant for a new course, so that was a new change! I'm even going to be teaching a few of the lessons!! WOOHOO!! 

-With the first week of school came many HUGE events that I've been planning all summer!

-We have a great event called Connect to the CLAHS Community: an event for new students to come meet and have dinner with faculty in our college. We had over 250 new students and about 50 other volunteers, faculty and staff. 

-This past Tuesday we had our College group! We had a lot of new people, so that was very exciting!!

-This weekend we're heading over to Louisville Kentucky for Jenna & Josiah's wedding reception!

-Then we're having some visitors in town for Labor Day! 


Hope you're all having a great September so far! 

Love ya,

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