Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Today's Miracle and Blessing

Ok, so this is a little silly, but it spoke volumes to me! Since Cody and I got married we have been trying so hard to pay off as much as we can on our debt and eventually be debt-free (some months, it's much easier than others!) But, this month, we were able to pay a lot down on our debt and still have some wiggle room! Well, this past week, my parents were in town and they were so good to us! They were so helpful and loving while Cody and I had to work all day, everday!!
On top of all their love and generosity, mom and I went shopping at Ann Taylor LOFT. I found this gorgeous jacket, but it was a little expensive and I didn't want to ask her to buy me something with my birthday less than two weeks away! So, she reminded me that I had a jacket I bought earlier in the summer, but I had never worn it (still had the tags on it!!) I had the clerk check the computer to see if it was on sale yet, since I'd lost my reciept and wanted to get the full price! Well, this new jacket I loved was more expensive than the origianl one I bought, so I was thinking of how I could save up some birthday money to pay for the remaining amount. Meanwhile, the lady came back and said the coat was still full price (SCORE!) and that I could return it for store credit.

Well, me and my selfish "I need it now ways" started scheming how I could pay for it on the credit card and then just pay it back when I get some birthday money! I was justifying and justifying, but just couldn't pull myself to ruin our great progress in the debt-field! So, then I heard about this program called LOFTlovesteachers.com . This program gives 15% off every purchase to teachers! So, since I started being a teacher's assistant and co-teaching this semester, I asked if I qualified!! They said yes and actually the first purchase with the program you get 20% off! I was so excited!! I would still have to pay about $10 for the jacket, but I was pumped!
So today, I head home on my lunch break to get a snack, then head to Ann Taylor LOFT. As I was leaving, I thought to check the mail....this was truly a God thing beacuse I never check the mail!! So, what do you know, in the mail was a 30% off coupon for any purchase over a certain amount at Ann Taylor LOFT!! So, I marched on over to the LOFT and purchased my jacket, with $12 to spare on my merchanise credit!! I couldn't believe it!! Honestly it was such a God thing. I have been so bummed and frustrated lately about money and having to pay so much of it to debt and not really doing anything fun. This was just such a great smile from God about our obedience. I feel so blessed, makes me want to pay even more debt off and be more obedient with our tithes and offerings!! AND I still have my 20% for teachers still to use!! woohoo!! God is good even with the small little desires of our hearts!

Here's my cute new 30% off JACKET!!!


Megan said...

I love that! God takes care of even the little things huh? I know debt is super hard to pay off. It may not help, but you always look adorable and none of us know if you have new or old clothes on. Can't wait to see you rock your new jacket!!!

CupCakeCutie said...

That is so awesome! Some time God gives us mana. Enough for today. And for that I am eternally grateful. Then there are days when he gives us exceedingly abundantly more than we could ask or desire. And those are the days it's REALLY fun!

jHj said...

when i first saw the title of your post i thought "OMG they're pregnant!" boy was i relieved to see that the miracle was a jacket-- not a baby! whew...although i will be very excited when you guys actually are pregnant :)