Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy 31st Anniversary Mom & Dad

Yesterday my parents celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary! Wow, it just blows me away! I am so grateful that they've stuck it out through the hard times to make it these 31 years! My parents are two of the most incredible people I know. They have sacrificed so much for my brother and I, have given us every opportunity in the world to achieve our dreams and they have and still always love us unconditionally. Even when my brother brought home a dog freshman year of college and it became their "second daughter" or when I wrecked their brand-new car less than 24 hours after they bought about LOVE!

It has been amazing seeing their relationship through the years. It's taught me that love doesn't always have to be gushy, candle-lit dinners. It can be a strong commitment when you are just so frustrated with the other person or it can be a sweet email saying you're just "happy he picked you". The best part about my parent's marriage is watching their perseverance and grace throughout their relationship. They have taught me so much about forgiveness and loving someone because Christ loves them. They've shown me that love is not just about feelings, but about a bond and a vow you made before your spouse, and most importantly, before God.

Thank you mom and dad for loving me and Justin and our families every single day. For giving us more than we deserve and being an example of Christ's love in our lives. Thank you for your sacrifices and always being willing to bless us with home-made dinners, free vacations to the cabin or just life-learned wisdom (even if we don't take it!) I hope and pray that Justin and I can have the perseverance and love in our marriages that you have in yours.

All my love,
your daughter

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CupCakeCutie said...

beautiful! My parents are getting ready to celebrate their 40th and I feel exactly the same way!