Tuesday, June 30, 2009

An Exciting Weekend

This past weekend, aside from me becoming an incubus of viral plague (my allergies are flaring up!), we had so many fun things happen!!

First, we had "date night IN"! We picked up two pizza dough balls from Sals, a local authentic Italian restaurant and made our own personal pizzas!! We had such a great time!!

Always a goof--but so proud of his pizza!

Of course, Cody said, mine had to be healthy!
*Spinach, Roma Tomatoes, Fresh Mushrooms & Basil!!

Cody gives his two ENTHUSIASTIC thumbs up!

I was pretty excited for mine, too!

Second, We bought a NEW couch!! Saturday afternoon, we were eating pizza leftovers and cleaning up for our #3 excitement when we just up and decided to go take a look!! We perused some websites of local stores and found Schewel's (they even had a $50 coupon on their website!!) We love it! I'm so glad we waited and got one that's amazing quality and all the specifications we were looking for :)

Third, We had VISITOR'S!! Josh Saefkow (Cody's best friend) and his girlfriend Kelsie Culpepper (such a cute name) came down from Liberty in Lynchburg to stay Sunday night and Monday with us! This was the second time we hung out with them, but the first I wasn't feeling too well (funny how I was sick this time, too!) I digress, but we had a great time and it was so nice to just sit and chat with them!

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