Thursday, June 4, 2009

Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, Cody and I headed down to Boone to meet my parents and his parents for a long weekend vacation at my parents house in NC! Unfortunately, Cody couldn't come until after church on Sunday, so I spent some time with just the parents!

First night there we went into Banner Elk for dinner

The next day, the parents went on a boat trip with some other couples....i stayed home and just RELAXED!!

Sunday morning, Dad and Mark went on an early morning bike ride....

...while the girls hung out on the deck and just enjoyed the scenery!

mom and dad in our backyard

Enjoying a stroll and surveying the property

later that afternoon, we went SHOPPING!!

We, of course, made a stop at the Mast General Store candy shop in Blowing Rock--everyone got their favorite candies from "yesteryear"...haha. Mark with our bag o' candy!

cody feeling patriotic

Dinner at Psssgettii's

group shot outside of Pssegettii's!

Since we weren't going to be back in FL until November, we had my parents bring the cake topper Mason's made for our 1st anniversary.

A little less than a month early, but i think we'll make it until June 21st!

nicely feeding one another....

then I had to have a little fun, since we were so nice to each other at the wedding

he wasn't happy!!!

So, he got me back about 20 mins later when i wasn't paying attention!

We had a fun trip--can't wait until next time!!

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jHj said...

these are great pictures...the scenery is out of this world! you are gorgeous... i hope we get to hang out soon. i wish you guys could come to my reception...