Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Playing Catch.up

Ok, so we have been so incredibly busy lately, it's crazy!!

But, we did have some amazing times during the past few weeks! Though I wrote a little snippet of a blog for our anniversary, I didn't get to expound much! The weekend of our anniversary we went up to Maine for my dear friend Danielle McCarthy's wedding! Dani was in my wedding, 364 days earlier and I was honored to be her bridesmaid :)

Since it was over our anniversary weekend, we decided to make a long weekend of it!! Ohh and I forgot to mention that Cody used to live in Maine when he was little and his dad was a pastor at a church up there, too!

Landing in Portland, Maine (Cody felt right back at home)

After getting off the plane, getting our rental car and luggage--we headed straight for LOBSTER!!

We had a great dinner at the Portland Lobster Company!

It came with case Cody's instructions got confusing :)

Left: The name of church Cody's dad was senior pastor when he was little
Right: The actual church they used to have--it's another church now

Cute little gift shop and we met a random visitor...

Random story: Cody and I were shopping in this little store and having generic conversation with this lady. She asks if we're visiting (who else shops in these little stores?!?!), I said we were up for my best friends wedding and were visiting Waldoboro (the little town Cody grew up in) because my husband used to live here. She asked Cody's last night, he said Davenport. She's like, that sounds familiar--he said my dad used to be a pastor here about 20 years ago, Mark Davenport. She gasped and was're CODY!?! She had gone to the church when Mark was the pastor and worked in the nursery with Robin, Cody's mom...she babysat Travis and Cody AND REMEMBERED THEM!!!! It was so sweet and crazy!!

Pemaquid Point--one of Cody's favorite spots when he lived there.

getting some forced family fun in.

Needless to say, it was rainy!!

This was the Davenport's parsonage when Mark was the pastor. This is the house where Cody accepted Jesus as his Savior. So cool to see that!

Later that night we had the Rehearsal and Dinner!! All the bridesmaids:
L-R: Abby Alexander, Kristi Rabenhorst, Chelsea Rae, Jackie Parks (cutest pregnant lady ever!), ME, Lil (Langston's sister), Sarah Radcliff and Kryssi (Dani's friend from Maine).

Me and my hubs at the Rehearsal Dinner!

Kristi, Dani and Me--Friends since first year of Liberty!

Wedding Day!!! This was the gorgeous chapel

Me and the beautiful bride!

Kristi and Dani

Precious ceremony

FINALLY Mr. & Mrs.!!!!!

Bridal party

Clay & Kristi ---ADORABLE!!!

Reception Decor

The Smokin' Hot couple!!

Cupid Shuffle...even 7 months preggers Jackie is getting down!

So happy I didnt have to get out there!

Anniversary dance :)

The next day was our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!
We started the day off with a yummy breakfast then headed to Freeport, Maine (SHOPPING CENTRAL)
This is the headquarters of L.L.Bean--it's open 24/7!!!!

We had a great day of shopping and just gazing in each others eyes haha
This was our Anniversary "dinner"--for lunch! The old man taking our picture made us put up a #1.....i opted out. haha.

Leaving Portland--last few hours spent by the ocean and just relaxing


jHj said...

in the last picture i can't decide if cody is petting your stomach or doing the prom Happy Anniversary guys!! you two are ADORABLE :)

LaRae Davenport said...

hahahaha both??? haha thanks!!

Megan said...

SO much fun! Love seeing the pics and you getting away from b'burg for awhile. You looked beautiful and how random that you met people that new Cody!