Monday, May 4, 2009

A working couples "spring break"

Since Cody and I are a part of the "work force" now, we have desperately missed our College breaks---summer, spring and winter, well and fall for that matter!! So, in an effort to have our own Spring Break--we took a few days off work, the week after Easter and headed northward to Ohio--every Spring Breakers perfect destination..haha.

Enjoying Robin's delicious coffee!!

Father and Son!

Later that night, the family got together for a belated Easter dinner. After dinner, Cody and I hung out with Noah on the back porch and taught him the basics of catching a football!

We taught him "hands up" and the triangle with your thumbs and pointer fingers--he caught a few and we were so proud...if he ever goes Pro, we have this picture as proof!!

The next day, the guys went Golfing and the ladies had tea! We went to Miss Molly's Tea Room!

This was my first "high tea"--we had a great time! I just wish my mom could've been there too!!

Cody's grandma enjoying her Pomegranate tea

Perfect form--pinky out!

After lunch we stayed in Medina and went to the ROOT candles store---I LOVED IT!!! I wanted to know how we hadn't been there before!! :) It'll be a staple in our trips back to Ohio!

Grandma and Grandpa!

Cody's parents and us!

Matty came along for a nice little lunch before we headed back to Virginia! Always great to see him--those two together keep my laughing, for sure!

It was such a great trip--so relaxing and a great first "working man's" spring break!

Love y'all,

LaRae and Cody

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JandJ said...

that ROOT place looks so cool! was it strictly candles or other stuff too? looks you like had a great trip!