Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Celebration of the Marriage benefits!!

Last weekend, I was able to throw my dear friend, Danielle, a lingerie shower!! I was so nervous, ask anyone in my life, but it was so wonderful and I really feel God was honored through it! I had such great helpers, too!! Thanks Rebekah, Sarah and Kristi!!

One of Danielle's maid of honors lives in Florida, so she couldn't make it to the party!! But, she sent me a gift to give to Dani when I got there!! This was her first present and she was so excited!!

A little shocked at the goodies!! :)

Dani was so sweet and got me some presents for throwing her the shower--she was too sweet!! The frame goes great in our house--p.s. maybe the worst picture ever taken of me.!! Word to teh wise: don't let friends take your picture at 10:30pm after a long car ride and a full day of work!!

The next day called for Pedicures!

Rebekah let us use her apartment--some of the decor!

Advice to the bride cards, name tags and the like

Alisha giving some advice for the bride :)

Introducing ourselves and how we know Dani

Quite entertaining stories!

Decorating the Undies game---it got quite interesting!

Memory Game

all the goodies Dani got to go home with!


Toast to the Bride and Groom--Apple Cider, of course...we had a preggers there!!

Jackie--the preggers!

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