Thursday, April 30, 2009

Playing catch-up....EASTER!!

This Easter, Northstar decided to have a "Pancake Breakfast", as the head of the Hospitality team, this meant I had quite a busy weekend!!

The weekend started off with an interesting trip to Sam's Club, but when I got home Cody was done with his Worship practice and was such a great Hubs...he helped me cook sausage....ALL-DAY-LONG!!

I think after Easter, we will never eat sausage again!!
We cooked for about 3 hours straight and made over 400 sausage links--Our house smelled lovely!!! I burned my entire supply of candles that weekend--I'm in the market for more!

The next morning, Easter Sunday, we had such an incredible group of volunteers and congregants lending a hand---TRULY allowing themselves to be God's hands and feet! And with needing over 600 pancakes in an hour and a was such a stress relief to me!

For the service we set up round tables instead of the regular "rows" of chairs, lending to a more "coffeehouse" feel--the volunteers did an amazing job setting up and making the place look great!

The stage looked amazing, the cross was faintly lit in the background and Cody had streaming video of sunrises all around the world on the big screen!

A group of our guys enjoying the great food!

Cody leading worship---It was an absolutely Christ-honoring and Holy-Spirit filled worship service!

Cody came up with this great idea to divide the service into 4 sections: Birth, Life, Death and Resurrection. Darryl (speaking in the picture) and Shane each taught mini-sermons on each section and Cody filmed 4 church members talking about how that specific section impacted their life and what it meant to them. (He asked me to speak on the Birth was a pretty cool experience)

-The service ended with the song: "Shout out to God"
The enemy's been defeated
Death couldn't hold You down
We're gonna lift our voice in Victory
We're gonna make Your praises loud!

Shout unto God with a voice of triumph
Shout unto God with a voice of praise
Shout unto God with a voice of triumph
We lift Your name up
We lift Your name up

Seriously, what in INCREDIBLY powerful song after Darryl just talked about the Resurrection of Christ!! Our God is so amazing and ONLY HE is the ONE TRUE GOD, who has risen again!
Wish you were there and could've experienced that!!

Well, I'm sure you're wondering why I have a picture of a cute little boy...but this is, of course, the only picture I have of our Easter Sunday Dinner!!

For our FIRST Easter Sunday as married folks, we were all alone and couldn't spend time with our families! So, one of our favorite couples invited us and a few other couples who are "loaners" (haha) and family-less to come over and share Easter Dinner with them!! We had a great time at the Carver's and loved getting to know Kimberly and Kevin, as well! I came armed with the famous Lee Family Banana Pudding and OF COURSE, Mashed Potatoes for my hard-working hubby!

*This picture is of the Carver's little boy-he was super cute and of course, captured my attention!

Thanks again, Carver Family for having us over and sharing the holiday with us!!

So Blessed,
Cody and LaRae

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Megan said...

We were so honored that you came. We family-less people have to stick together. Shane and I started this because we got tired of being alone on the holidays we didn't travel. YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME! We had a great time and had to make the banana pudding the next weekend because hubs loved it so much!By the way, I think that little boy is pretty cute too, but then I am completely bias! I also had no idea you were cooking all that sausage at home. Next time CALL ME!