Friday, December 5, 2008

A Davenport Thanksgiving!

This year Cody and I decided to go to Ohio to see his family for Thanksgiving and then Florida to see mine at Christmas! Thanksgiving was a great time, but I still missed my family so very much! The Davenport's did a great job at giving us a wonderful vacation!! Here are a few of the pictures from our trip!

After Nashville, we stopped in Cincinatti on our way to Wooster to visit Corey and Cissie! We hung out at their house and talked for a while, then had dinner at Panera!! We were sad to leave, but had a great time while we were there!

After getting into Wooster around 10pm Sunday night, we crashed!! The next morning we slept it (it was so nice!!) and then headed to Cleveland to go shopping!! This is me and Cody's mom in the car headed to Crocker Park for a day full of shopping!!

Cody's Parents at Crocker Park doing some Christmas Shopping!!

The next day, Cody went to Cleveland to spend time with the guys and the girls went to lunch (Vanessa was sick, so she couldn't make it!) So, Robin and I headed to the Pine Tree Barn! It doesn't sound like much, but it was A-MAZING!! After an incredible lunch (great bistro food) It had 3 floors of eveything you could ever want for house decor! It had every kind of style you could imagine--it was amazing!! I got a few goodies for our Christmas Decorations at our house in Virginia and it got me even more excited for Christmas and it wasn't even Thanksgiving yet!!! They had, at least, 50 Christmas trees decorated in every theme imaginable!

Here are just three of the trees!

Another room decorated!

The next day, Wednesday, I went to Cody's grandma's to help bake pies!! We had such a good time! She gave me one of her apron's to wear and we had a blast!!

These are just two of the TEN that we made!! His grandma gets her crust from Canada--it's not made in the United States! It was incredible--she taught me so much! It was so nice!

Later that night we went to Medina, a nearby town and saw an early movie then ate at this great little Chinese Bistro! It was yummy! The restaurant had a wait, so there was this gorgeous gazebo across the street (ironically the same spot where I first met Cody's parents and got a picture taken with them--awwww, so cute!) Anyways, we had a little photo shoot to get a good Christmas Card picture. I think we got a good one! :)

Robin and I were goofing off as the boys were talking at dinner--such a typical scene.

After dinner we headed home and started getting ready for Thanksgiving Day!! Cody helped me bake a Pecan Pie (he's chopping the nuts here!)

I had never made a Pecan Pie before, so I was a little nervous, but....

It turned out DELICIOUS!!! Mark, Cody's dad was so happy!! He loves Pecan Pie, too!

As the pie was baking, I helped Cody's mom decorate the table! She decorates with Christmas decor because no one get's to see her fun Christmas Dishes since they go to Cody's grandparents for Christmas (Robin has decor for EVERY holiday--it's crazy!)

This is the final product!! We had a great time and Marth Stuart would've been proud!

The individual place settings!

Everyone showed up around noon and we ate around One--there was SO MUCH FOOD!! It was delicious!

After we all sat down, Cody's Dad read a passage of scripture about Giving Thanks to the Lord...we said the Blessing and DUG IN!!

Taking a breather from the yummy food!

After dinner everyone was stuffed, so we headed to the sun room and played Nintendo Wii--even Cody's 79 year old Grandpa got in on the action--He's bowling here!

All the ladies, exhausted from Cooking and Cleaning are watching the Hilarity that was the boys playing Nintento Wii!!

Then after all that--we had the family Christmas Gift Exchange Drawing!!

Thanksgiving night we got to hang out with Cody's nephew Noah--we had a great time!! He loved my camera, so I taught him how to take some pictures--he was pretty good!! If it becomes a career, I'll be taking credit for that..hahahaha.

What a great time we had--it was so fun and yet so relaxing!! We didn't want to come home--but Saturday we got in the car and headed back to Blacksburg, so thankful that we have an amazing family and already talking about CHRISTMAS!!!

Hope ya'll had a wonderful Thanksgiving and truly remembered from whom all blessings flow, our wonderful Savior Jesus Christ!

Love y'all and Missed you,

C&L Davenport

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