Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Christmas to Remember!

Our weekend started out with Cody's parents coming in on Friday afternoon! They stopped by my office and met a few of my co-workers! Later that night we relaxed, had dinner at our favorite little Italian restaurant then all came back to our house to watch a movie! The next morning I felt like one of those escorts at Disney World. Cody's parents dressed up at Santa and Mrs. Claus to promote "Christmas at the Lyric"--we had a great time!!!

Mark and Robin all dressed up downtown Blacksburg!             
       This little girl was so excited to see them--she was jumping up and down!!

Later that night we got all dressed up and we went to see The Nutcracker at Radford University. Robin and I were so excited, the boys not so much--but they were good sports and Robin and I made up for it later :)

This was the first time I'd seen it and Robin hadn't seen the nutcracker for almost 30 years!!

The opening scene--we couldn't take pictures so I had to sneak this one!

The final act--i figured they couldn't kick me out at this point! :)

The next morning was "Christmas at the Lyric"

They put our service on the Marque sign!!!

Just a small bit of the crowd eating the yummy donuts and coffee
Shane welcoming everyone (cody's fabulous photoshop skills on the screen)
Pictures of the service ...

Mrs. Clause reading "The Night Before Christmas"
All the kids singing for the audience-it was precious!!

*We had an amazing turn out and people loved the service!! Cody did an incredible job at producing this entire event!! I was so proud to be married to the boy on stage!!


Love y'all,
LaRae and Cody

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The Malko's said...

How fun! Oh yeah - I wanted to tell you from a few posts ago to check out the website tastespotting.com. For some reason it is down today - but it is my FAVORITE website for finding recipes. The blogger visits a ton of cooking blogs and then posts the ones with the best recipes - when you clock a picture that looks good to you it takes you to the original post - it is awesome and the blogger posts a TON every day! Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas :)