Monday, August 11, 2008

Quick Update

I must give an apology to those of you out there, im certain it's just my parents and cissie, who have not been given a "blogging" update! Now that I think about it and see my last post was on the 16th of July--that is nearly a MONTH ago! Sacrilege in the blogging world! Well, now that the much needed apologies have been given, I'll let the updates ensue!

Well, since the 16th of July-- Cody and I have successfully moved from one apartment to a fabulous townhouse (pictures to come soon). We have unpacked and decorated (for the most part)! My mom came to visit for a little less than a week (hi mom) and she was an angel disguised as my mother! She miraculously transformed our townhouse from a blank slate to a glorious home to lay our heads (slightly biased, of course!) 

In further updates, I was humbled with the opportunity to be the "key-note" speaker at the Women's Ministry Retreat for our church, Northstar! It was such an honor and God used me as such an instrument, I can take no credit-it was truly all His doing! The best part, the retreat overlapped with my mom visiting, so she was able to come hear me speak and just have a great day of female bonding with me!! (also, pictures to come!)

Then, in the midst of all this happening--my job hunt was full speed ahead! I was interviewing left and right and as of this afternoon (HOT OFF THE PRESS)--I got the Job at Virginia Tech in the office of Liberal Arts & Human Sciences--Im working for the Dean and basically have such an incredible job! God blessed us as the PERFECT time and it was a beautiful example of the exceedingly abundant evidences of His provision in our lives and in our marriage! 

Speaking of marriage, Cody and I will celebrate our TWO MONTH-aversary this coming 21st! WOW--two months, i didnt think we would make it past the honeymoon!! Joking, of course!!

Church update: As previously blogged, our Senior Pastor at Northstar will retire at the end of this month and God has given the search team a mighty task of seeking the pastor-to-be! I was so honored to be nominated and am now on the search committee! We have gotten over 200 resumes, thus far, and have nearly tipped the iceberg in looking through them! 
The college kids come back this week, too! We are so excited to start "The Furnace", again, this semester in our new home! It'll start back up on August 26th with a huge BBQ at our house! If you're in college or just college-aged, stop by and hang out! 
This week, actually right now, we are on our Youth Retreat in Boone, NC! We are having a great time and God is really using Josh Saefkow, best friend to Cody, to speak to the kids!

NEXT UP: My first day of work, my trip to FL and BAILEY'S WEDDING!!!

Thanks for "listening"! We love ya'll and pray God's best in  your life! Please keep us in YOUR prayers, as well!!

Love and Blessings,
 C&L Davenprt

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Cissie said...

Well, Welcome back Mrs. Davenport. I see you have been busy. You think your angel mom can come to Cincy to help me move in? I can't wait to have that behind me. Lets see pictures of the new place!!!

Congrats on the job!