Monday, July 14, 2008

A Land Called Smuckers

This past weekend, we went to Ohio for our second wedding reception! We were so blessed to have both sets of our parents spend the weekend with us. Just as in the past, we enjoy a few tourist spots! This time we went to Smuckers Country, the P. Graham Dunn Gallery and a cute little dive, where we got burgers and fries on the patio!

Mom and Dad enjoying Smuckers!
Cody getting a little too close to the Pillsbury Dough Boy
The boys were discussing something about food, im sure!
My love for pickles has finally been documented. 
Wheat grass shots!!! I dared Cody--he was NOT happy about it!

Then we really liked it! It was actually quite tasty!
The group giving the sample girls a run for their money
The wall of jam and the strawberry "chandelier" made of jars!
What we really wanted to get but being healthy isn't fun, at least not instantaneously!

Outside the land of Smuckers!

The main entrance--absolutely gorgeous
"How Great Thou Art" engraved on a 20 foot piece of Oak
Looking into the studio, where they make the artwork
The men hoovering over the young girl engraving their knives
Cody's favorite part of the day
My dad with the ladies!
aww he snuck a kisser!
Bishop's--great food and fun times!

We are so blessed by all the incredible times we have with our family! We are so incredibly blessed, by Christ, to have family that support and love us. Later that night we had our 2nd reception and a fabulous lady from Cody's home church took pictures! Hopefully I'll have some up soon!!

Please keep us in your prayers, we love y'all!!!

Love and Blessings, 
C&L Davenport

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