Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kids don't let you blog...

Well, that's pretty much the life lesson I've learned since having Harper--my 'spare time' should be renamed to sparse time! I do love 'mommyhood' and it's changed me and Cody in a way that I would never ask for (selfishly), but I am so grateful for, now! But, holy moly, it's been since MAY that I blogged---WHAT!?! That's just wrong!

Well, to catch you up from the last blog--Harper started solids, LOVED THEM, Harper cut her first teeth (bottom two), we went out of town for what seemed like the entire summer (Ohio, North Carolina, Ohio, Put-in-Bay, North Carolina), I stopped nursing (can I get a hallelujah!?!), Cody and I celebrated 4 years of marriage (hubba-hubba), Emily and her family came to visit, Harper cut her 2nd set of teeth (top two), Cody led worship at 2 summer camps and we celebrated Harper's 1/2 birthday, we had a great 4th of July with my family in NC, we found out our dear friends are having a BOY in January and our other sweet friends are pregnant again, went to Ohio for 2 weeks (Harper's first ferry ride and meeting her cousins), we had a belated anniversary getaway to Cleveland (just the hubs and I), we saw our fabulous west-coast dwelling friend,Sarah, VT started back and Northstar had an awesome 'welcome week' for the students, my dad went into the hospital, Harper started CRAWLING and PULLING UP, I began MOPS as a Discussion Group leader and then Northstar started 3 services!!! PHEW, I'm guessing you're tired just reading that ridiculous run-on sentance! :)

But, all in all, that about brings you up to speed since May! Ill poat somw pictures, but I'm not about to tackle all of them in this one past (I can hear a few people loudly exhale in relief). But, I'll try to hit some highlights!

As busy as the summer was, we had such an incredible time! It was so fun seeing family and friends, visiting new places and enjoying the few rares moments with just my love. But, now it's the fall and I cannot be more excited. This is absolutely my favorite time of year...scarves, hot drinks, the colors, the cooler weather, football....I mean, can it get any better!? Well, actually, yes....a birthday in the fall.....that's like euphoria! So, I guess on October 10th (mark it down, that's my birthday!!) I'll be having the best 'last' birthday, ever!! You know, since a woman is always celebrating her '29th...and holding' !!

5 Month photo shoot 

Harper's first time sitting in a high chair :)

Sitting up all by herself!

The Millage's came to visit!
6 month photos in Gma's garden
Daddy's father's day present :)

Our happy girl

Celebrating Harper's 6 month birthday!

Presents--loved the tissue paper more than what's inside!
Harper meeting her BFF, Boston.... He's liking what he sees!
Daddy's groupie

The boy's wives club (minus Dani) --my, how our friendships have grown!

Cody's first Father's Day!

Harper's first 4th of July

Silly times with Uncle Justin and cousin Jordan
Fancy family dinner
Nana and her girls
Put-in-Bay with Cody's side of the family! Golf carts, swimming and sunshine--what could be better??

Gpa and Harper bonding time

Stel, Cody, Harp and Gma at the pool

Date night in Cleveland--so delicious!

Grandma and Grandpa with their newests

The big, crazy family!

She loves her uncle matty and aunt maria

basking in the sun!

Cody officiating his cousin's wedding! Congrats Tyler & Sara Tokie!!

Meeting 'aunt Sarah' and enjoying Farm Basket, just like mommy!

look who's crawling and getting into the cabinets!

2 new teeth!


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