Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mercy Triumphs

Carolyn, our pastor's wife, has started a bible study for ladies who are in ministry/married to minister's. We meet on Wednesday's from 8:30 to 10:30pm. I'll be honest, the moment I heard about this I wanted to have nothing to do with it. I had an almost one month old and I was barely hanging on during the day, never mind trying to have a theological conversation at 10pm! But, Carolyn persisted and today I'm so grateful she did.  Wednesday nights are my solace of rest and renewal. Thursdays are like a fresh start to what's ahead.

The study we are doing is James:Mercy Triumphs by Beth Moore. It's amazing--learning about James and how God's used him to stretch me and mold me these past 5 weeks have been incredible! I am such a mess and yet Christ has redeemed me from that mess. The hope and mercy God's shown me each week, especially after messing up time and time again, humbles me! His love for me is unfailing even when I fail him so often. His mercy for me is new each morning, even after forsaking him the day before. 

I have needed this study. I have needed a reminder that God still cares. Broadening my understanding of Christ and our Heavenly Father has given me new hope, new perspective and a new love for Him.

Then, God went and showed off by allowing my best friend, Emily, who lives in Florida, to be participating in this study at the same time, with her church small group in FL. It's been such a blessing to chat with her about what God's doing and how incredible He is! Jesus is incredible and so worth every ounce of sleep that I'm losing by going to this study--my life is so much better because He is my Savior. You need Him in your life, if you don't have Him!

p.s. Harper's doing great---I'm sure that's all you really care about, haha! So, here's a picture of her, too!


CupCakeCutie said...

I love to see you sharing. Looking forward to hearing about what you are learning. I hear this is a great study. Prayer for you friend.

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