Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Life in our House!

Well, it's been quite a while--life has taken some incredible and crazy turns, we've been so busy with the end of the semester and our College kids graduating and going on to the 'real world' and then there's the big news :)

If you read this blog, you probably already know, but Cody and I are going to be parents (pause for screams of the possible 1 person who doesn't know). Yup, it's true. Our little one is scheduled to make its appearance December 11, 2011 (12.11.11) that shouldn't be too hard to remember :)

But, more than just incubating a human, life has been so busy for us! We have been traveling to see family and friends, working our tails off towards the end of the semester and just plain BUSY!

One incredible thing that has been occurring in our home since last Thanksgiving is weight loss! Cody and I both have been really working on getting in shape and losing weight. We both packed on some pounds in college and the first few years of marriage and we knew we wanted to be healthier, especially if the Lord ever blessed us with a child. We really started back in August of 2010, but really got his tail in gear this past Thanksgiving. Pregnancy aside we both have been able to lose lots of weight--25 lbs for me and 100 lbs (and still counting) for Cody. Here's a picture from Easter.

Since then, I've gained about 7 of those lbs back with the pregnancy, but I'm still so happy that I got down 25 lbs before I actually had a reason to gain some back :)

Anyways, on to the next.... as many of you probably know, aside from the Worship Pastor, Cody is also the College Pastor at Northstar. We have had an incredible time getting to know so many amazing college students. We are surely going to miss those who just graduated, but excited that some are sticking around or coming back in the fall for jobs! A much belated, but still hearty CONGRATS to:

Emily Reed Love
Josh Wilson
Emily Bailey

We love you each so much and are so excited for God's plan for your future :)

Well, I guess on to the, in the room....I'm pregnant! Yup, for whatever reason, God saw it fit to let Cody and I bring life into this world. Sometimes I'm still wondering if He made the right decision! But, nonetheless, we're on this train that doesn't stop until December and we're striving to enjoy every minute of it (minus the nausea, food aversions and exhaustion). I must give a shout out to my hubby--he's been seriously incredible. It's been so cool to see God begin to shape his heart and mold his character into becoming a father. He has always had such a loving, thoughtful and tender heart, but this new chapter has brought on new and incredible dimensions to our relationship. We (mostly me) are still adjusting to the idea of being a parent--so surreal! I am officially 12 weeks and 4 days...each Sunday is my 'week renewal'. So, starting Sunday I'll officially be in my 2nd trimester! Just in time for our vacation to California!!

Well, that about wraps it up--hope everyone is doing incredible and starting to enjoy the heat--oh boy, I know I am!!




The Malko's said...

Lookin good you two! Excited for your new addition! It is loads of fun!!! Are you hoping for a boy or a girl?? Do you have names picked out??

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