Friday, February 5, 2010


Today, in light of numerous recent events, I feel compelled to just be thankful.

Thank You, God, for hot water - hot green tea - beautiful newborn babies - a husband with wisdom beyond his years - parents and inlaws that call us and love on us daily - a job - a love for the culinary arts - DVR - humor - scripture that comforts and encourages - seat warmers in the car - candles - hot showers - a pantry full of food - a happy husband - hershey kisses with almonds - cotton t.shirts - epiderals - great friends in the New River Valley - God's perfect timing - thank You, God, for clean water - digital cameras - nearly any genre of food being delivered to a hospital - Ellie Grace & Megan - my health - God's provision - an amazing pastor and his family - frito chili pie - salt to melt the ice - wireless internet - great working cars - thank you for, warm and comfy blankets - ski pants - sleds - grocery stores - blogs - the intelligence you give us to create delicious recipes - sleep - lavender anything - down comforters - great books - the ability to look deeper into life - thankful for my worth in Christ - electricity - my amazing stand.mixer - marrying a man who values and cherishes his family - peonies - my mom and every bit of me that resembles her in looks and personality- decaf coffee - cupcakes - picture frames - shopping online - a Christian co.worker - birthdays - de.icer - fabulous accessories - wonderful memories - annual leave time - matt answering any and all of our mortgage questions - my relationship with vanessa - great magazines - Giada- HGTV- a dishwasher - a Christian realtor - examples of marriages that honor Christ - a dad with incredible wisdom - so grateful for living in America - bubble bath - a funny brother in law - j.crew - New Tech Fitness - my iPod - Father, thank you for your unending leave - for Christ and His redemption in our lives - two beautiful nieces and one handsome nephew- unexpected friendships - a wonderful example of a pastor's wife for a - best friends in korea who inspire me - God, thank you for 2nd, 3rd and 1,050,789th chances - organic milk - traveling - weddings - the miralce of childbirth - football - a who loves me like I was his own daughter - colors - music - my husbands amazing voice -my lovey down in venice -friends who love missions- forgiveness through Christ - decaf caramel macchiatto's- Disney - a protective brother when I was growing up - TARGET- kisses- my desire to always learn - foot massages - ice scrapers - The Weather Channel -surprises- being snowed in with just Cody- vacuums - board games - the refuge that is the house in Boone - the still small voice of God's word- cheetos- trail mix - fluffy, warm towels - king.size beds - hangers for my clothes - fruit - my Ugg boots - a well.worned Bible - Cody's incredibly creativity - POG and 437 - Excel budget spreadsheets- Starbucks - my oven - debit cards - electric tea kettles -intimacy- winter coats..especially cute ones - my degree- VT closing - big coffee mugs - food that isn't contaminated - a house - my ability to hear- Xbox for Cody - hair elastics - face wash - remote controls - and last but surely not least, dare I say...SNOW.

This is everything I could think of from just the past few days....I can't imagine if I let myself think about my entire life! God is beyond my provider, he gives me more than my abundance!


CupCakeCutie said...

love it! Such a good reminder.

Megan said...

That is an awesome list! We liked seeing you every day. Ellie misses you!