Tuesday, October 13, 2009

M-I-A-M-I, Let's Go Canes!

Mom and Dad are finally in town! Heading to dinner with the Rancourt's!

Always time for a pic with my hubs!

Our 2nd mom and dad here in Blacksburg--Jim and Cynthia Rancourt!

Mom and Dad!
Root beer and Pizza before the game :)

Cody representing both families in his green Ohio State shirt!

Of course game day it was POURING! We had green ponchos because we still had to represent even in the rain...and of course, mom and dad got Cody a red one for Ohio State!
*During the weekend they were here, we found out that the Miami Hurricanes and Ohio State Buckeyes signed a two year contract to play each other next year and the year after!! We already have plans to rent RV's and tailgate the weekend away!! Nothing like a little payback from Tempe! :)
Finally at the game--God was so good! We were sitting in one of the two rows that were over the awning--we were dry the entire game!! 

The boys coming onto the field...
My canes getting fired up! 


Halftime!! It was raining so bad that the band played from the stands and didn't come out!

So excited to be there together :)

*Needless to say, we didn't take a picture of the scoreboard at the end... it was a horrible game. But, hopefully we'll have another matchup with the Hokies at the ACC Championship :)

We had an AWESOME time with mom and dad--we can't wait for next year to play the Buckeyes!!

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